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Fix where clause generation

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swlkr committed Mar 19, 2019
1 parent d403f60 commit 72d25f8757a758a833b1c745ad1e7f718be0fe7d
Showing with 22 additions and 36 deletions.
  1. +22 −36 src/coast/db/sql.clj
@@ -29,18 +29,18 @@
:else "?"))

(defn not-op [val]
(defn not-op [op* val]
(sequential? val) "not"
(nil? val) "is not"
:else (name val)))
:else (name op*)))

(defn op [val]
(defn op [op* val]
(sequential? val) "in"
(nil? val) "is"
:else (name val)))
:else (name op*)))

(defn select-col [k]
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@

(defn where-part [v]
(if (not (vector? v))
(if (not (sequential? v))
(throw (Exception. (str "where requires vectors to work. You typed: " v)))
(if (utils/sql-vec? v)
(first v)
@@ -75,35 +75,18 @@
[(second v) (nth v 2)]
['= (second v)])
parts (if (= '!= op*)
[(utils/sqlize k) (not-op val) (? val)]
[(utils/sqlize k) (op op*) (? op*)])]
[(utils/sqlize k) (not-op op* val) (? val)]
[(utils/sqlize k) (op op* val) (? val)])]
(string/join " " parts)))))

(defn where-clause [[k v]]
(string/join (str " " (name k) " ")
(map where-part v)))

(defn where-op? [k]
(contains? '#{and or} k))

(defn where-vec [v]
(let [v (if (vector? (first v))
(into '[and] v)
parts (partition-by where-op? v)
ops (take-nth 2 parts)
args (filter #(not (contains? (set ops) %)) parts)]
(map vector (map first ops) (map vec args))))

(defn where-clauses [v]
(let [wv (where-vec v)]
(if (empty? wv)
(throw (Exception. (str "where only accepts and & or. You typed: " (if (nil? v) "nil" v))))
(map where-clause wv))))
(defn depth
(depth val 0))
([val idx]
(if (sequential? val)
(depth (first val) (inc idx))

(defn last-or-rest [v]
@@ -116,11 +99,14 @@
(if (utils/sql-vec? v)
{:where (str "where " (first v))
:args (rest v)}
{:where (str "where " (string/join " and " (map #(utils/surround "()" %) (where-clauses v))))
:args (->> (filter vector? v)
(mapv last-or-rest)
(filter some?)
(let [v (if (> (depth v) 2)
(first v)
{:where (str "where " (string/join " and " (mapv #(utils/surround "()" %) (mapv where-part v))))
:args (->> (filter vector? v)
(mapv last-or-rest)
(filter some?)

(defn insert [v]

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