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+## Rungsted structed perceptron sequential tagger
+### Building
+``python build_ext --inplace``
+Building with the above command happens *in place*, leaving the generated C and C++ files in the source directory. Use the supplied ```` command if you need to start from a clean slate.
+### Demo
+The repository contains a subset of the part-of-speech tagged Brown corpus. To run the demo, use:
+``python src/ --train data/brown.train --test data/brown.test.vw -k 39``
+Labels must be integers in the range 1..k. The *k* parameter is thus the number of distinct labels in the input data.
+## Usage
+usage: [-h] [--train TRAIN] [--test TEST] [--hash-bits HASH_BITS]
+ --n-labels N_LABELS [--passes PASSES]
+ [--predictions PREDICTIONS] [--ignore [IGNORE [IGNORE ...]]]
+ [--decay-exp DECAY_EXP] [--decay-delay DECAY_DELAY]
+ [--shuffle] [--average]
+Structured perceptron tagger
+optional arguments:
+ -h, --help show this help message and exit
+ --train TRAIN Training data (vw format)
+ --test TEST Test data (vw format)
+ --hash-bits HASH_BITS, -b HASH_BITS
+ Size of feature vector in bits (2**b)
+ --n-labels N_LABELS, -k N_LABELS
+ Number of different labels
+ --passes PASSES Number of passes over the training set
+ File for outputting predictions
+ --ignore [IGNORE [IGNORE ...]]
+ One-character prefix of namespaces to ignore
+ --decay-exp DECAY_EXP
+ Learning rate decay exponent. Learning rate is
+ (iteration no)^decay_exponent
+ --decay-delay DECAY_DELAY
+ Delay decaying the learning rate for this many
+ iterations
+ --shuffle Shuffle examples after each iteration
+ --average Average over all updates

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