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    forked from shyouhei/ruby

    ruby (1.8.6 for now) without GPL code, and with a few other hacks for it that make it useful as a library and base implementation

    Updated Jun 14, 2010


    forked from cout/ocelot

    Caleb Clausen's type-inducting ruby-to-c converter

    Updated Nov 21, 2009

    Ruby 2 0


    pathman or path manager assembles groups of projects so that they can be used together smoothly

    Updated Feb 12, 2010

    Ruby 1 1


    forked from githubsvnclone/polyglot

    github clone of svn://

    Updated Jun 7, 2010


    RedParse is a ruby parser written in pure ruby.

    Updated Jun 30, 2012


    Reg is a library and language for pattern matching in ruby data structures. Reg provides Regexp-like match and match-and-replace for all data structures (particularly Arrays, Objects, and Hashes), not just Strings.

    Updated Nov 21, 2010

    Ruby 1 7


    forked from ammar/regexp_parser

    A regular expression parser library for Ruby

    Updated Nov 25, 2010

    Ruby 1 9


    forked from svenfuchs/ripper2ruby

    Similar to ruby2ruby this library allows to parse Ruby code, modify and recompile it back to Ruby.

    Updated Aug 22, 2009


    Well, who needed another serialization format? Not me, but that's what I've made. Ruby Object Notation (Ron) is a textual format for the representation of Ruby data structures. It's somewhat like YAML, XML, or (most of all) JSON. However, since it is defined entirely within and as a subset of Ruby, it has the slick property that Ron expressions …

    Updated Jun 16, 2010


    RubyLexer is a hyper-correct lexer library for Ruby, written in Ruby.

    Updated May 20, 2016


    RubyMacros is a lisp-like macro pre-processor for Ruby. More than just a purely textual substitution scheme, RubyMacros can manipulate and morph Ruby parse trees (in the form of RedParse Nodes) at parse time in just about any way you see fit.

    Updated Jun 7, 2011


    Sequence provides a unified api for access to sequential Ruby data types, like Strings, Arrays, Files, IOs, and Enumerations.

    Updated Apr 30, 2016

    Ruby 1 0


    ssh halcyon helps you set up and manage per-host keys, so you only need to type your password on 1st connect

    Updated Apr 13, 2010

    Shell 0 0


    Updated May 20, 2016

    Shell 0 0


    Updated Apr 13, 2016

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