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skip form testcases for test data that are not legal ruby

detect illegals by passing each one to eval and detect SyntaxError
prepending something to each case which makes it have no side-effects
but, drop error messages to stderr eval normally prints on bad input
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1 parent 38f589f commit 05239231958b764614e226c8222ec65091dc3bcf @calebc calebc committed Jun 6, 2011
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  1. +11 −0 test/test_form.rb
11 test/test_form.rb
@@ -38,8 +38,19 @@ def setup
warn "some form tests disabled; set SLOW to enable them" unless SLOW
warn "some Macro.expand tests disabled; set SLOW to enable them" unless SLOW
+ nullfile= "/dev/null" )? "/dev/null" : "dev_null","w")
next if /__END__/===x
+ begin
+ oldSTDERR=STDERR.dup; STDERR.reopen(nullfile)
+ catch(:foo){ eval "BEGIN{throw :foo};"+x }
+ rescue SyntaxError
+ next
+ #ensure $VERBOSE=old_VERBOSE
+ ensure STDERR.reopen(oldSTDERR)
+ end
if / \^[^\s]/===x #and x.size>1000
while x['^']
warn "disabling tests of '#{x[/^.*\^.*$/]}'"

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