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Thanks for contributing!

Feel free to create issues and make pull requests, we'll try to quickly review them.

If you're looking for things to do check out the open issues, especially those with the easy flag. Or take a grep through all TODO comments in the code and feel free to help us out there!

🌈 Here's a checklist for the perfect pull request:

  • Make sure existing tests still work by running cargo test locally.
  • Add new tests for any new feature or regression tests for bugfixes.
  • Install Clippy and run rustup run nightly cargo clippy to catch common mistakes (will be checked by Travis)
  • Install Rustfmt and run cargo fmt to format your code (will also be checked by Travis)

If you need assistance, you can join the #cobalt channel on or the Gitter chat Gitter

We want you to feel safe and welcome and will enforce the The Rust Code of Conduct on all communication platforms of this project. Please contact @johannhof for questions or in cases of violation.


When we're ready to release, a project owner should do the following

  • Determine what the next version is, according to semver
  • Bump version in a commit
    • Run clog --setversion <X>.<Y>.<Z>, touch up the log
    • Update the version in Cargo.toml
    • Run cargo check to update Cargo.lock
  • Run cargo release <level>