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Contributing to Cobalt is really easy. Find or open an issue that you'd like to try and implement or fix, and then fork this repository to your own GitHub account.


Ensure that the following software has been installed on your server:


Verify that MongoDB is installed and running. Refer to the MongoDB installation guide for more information.

Next, clone your forked repo and install the dependencies:

$ git clone<USER>/cobalt.git && cd cobalt
$ npm install

You'll need to set the following environment variable (refer to this guide if you're unsure how to do so).

  • COBALT_MONGO_URI : the MongoDB connection URI used to connect to your MongoDB database server (ex. mongodb://localhost/cobalt). This database will have Cobalt's datasets synced to it automatically when you run Cobalt.
  • PORT (optional) : the port Cobalt will listen to for incoming connections. Default: 4242


$ npm run dev


You can now make changes to the source code. Cobalt will automatically reload itself as you make changes to files in the src/ directory.


$ npm test


Once you have finished your feature/fix, push it to your forked repository and submit a pull request detailing your changes.

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