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他妈的我终于能用谷歌搜中文了 Finally I can use Google searching Chinese
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List.txt 添加垃圾站点 Add more spam sites Jun 15, 2019 更新中文介绍 May 2, 2019

Google 中文搜索结果屏蔽黑名单

各种垃圾 SEO 站点出现在谷歌中文搜索结果中,实在是恶心——于是这个黑名单就这么出来了。黑名单纯靠我自己使用谷歌搜索时收集,所以更新频率无法保证(然而已经断断续续更新了 2 年,就职的公司他妈的都被收购了)。

推荐使用 Google Hit Hider by Domain 油猴脚本来导入黑名单,高度自定义,而且操作简单;当然,你也可以用谷歌官方的插件 Google Personal Blocklist,然而垃圾的一逼。

Google Chinese Results Blocklist

Google hasn't been optimizing its Chinese search results for a while now, and a lot of spam sites have taken the advantage of it.

When users search Google in Chinese, there will be numerous spam sites coming out in search results.

Therefore, I made this spam sites blacklist and will update this list as frequently as I can.

You can import this list to "Google Personal Blocklist" or other tools like "Google Hit Hider by Domain" (highly recommended).

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