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Thank you for coming here! :)

There are many ways you can contribute, whether you are a native or Web programmer, designer, writer, project manager, or just willing to help.

Get in touch

If you are interested in helping, you can contact us via several channels:

  •, to set you up to contribute or for further informations,
  • Slack, for technical discussions and contributing questions.

You can give a hand by...

Answering questions

We get a lot of questions from newcomers on the bug tracker. If you could try to answer some of them, which are often basic, so not difficult to answer, it would be great!

Reporting and fixing issues

If you run into a problem with Cobalt, whatever its nature (code, documentation, etc.), feel free to open an issue on our bug tracker.

Please use the "bug" label and join the reproduction steps while you are reporting an issue. For documentation ones, use the "documentation" label instead. There is also "discussion" or "question" labels when asking for help.

If you succeed to fix an issue after many hours of hard work, we will be honored to review and accept your pull request. :)

Please add the link to the issue in the description field at least.

Coding with us

If you are a programmer, skilled in JavaScript, Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C or Swift) or Node.js and want to bring your contribution to the next level, then join us and get ready to code!

Start by looking at the roadmap and ask us to invite you on our Kanban tool Waffle to be part of the development team of the next releases. :)

Suggesting features

If you have an idea about a feature you would like to see in a future version, submit it on our bug tracker with the "enhancement" label.

Fixing and improving documentation

We might have outdated informations which need to be cleaned up on the documentation.

Contribute by fixing it, producing clean and meaningful diagrams or organizing content.

Sharing your experience

Our blog is open to you to share your experience with mobile apps, hybrid development and Cobalt usages. Just ask us to invite you on! :)

Contributing Code to Cobalt

If you’re a programmer and are skilled in JavaScript, Java, Objectiv C or NodeJS, then dive in and see if you can help further.

We encourage bug fixes, code patches, pull requests and other contributions.

Get involved to the future of Cobalt by looking at the Roadmap

Join us on our Kanban Tool to help the development team on the next release.

Need more information ?

If you need more informations, having doubts on the way to go or have questions on how to contribute, please, please, get in touch by mail at or via Twitter @Cobaltians


By contributing to Cobalt, you agree to apply the MIT license to your work.

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