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Caple Design System

Caple Design System is an open-source design system built by Cobalt, Inc.

Caple Design System is released under the MIT license PRs welcome

πŸš€ Getting started

If you're looking for React components, take a look at @caplt-ui/react. If you want to only iconography assets, checkout @capl-ui/icons-react.

There are no packages for Vue.js and Angular yet. We plan to release them later.

Package name Description
@caple-ui/colors Caple Design System colors
@caple-ui/icons-react Iconography assets for React
@caple-ui/react Caple Design System UI for React components

πŸ“š Documatation

  • See our documentation site here for full how-to docs and guidelines

πŸ™Œ Contributing

All contributions are welcome! Please check out our Contribution Guidelines for detailed information on how you can lend a hand.

πŸ“„ License

Caple Design System is made available under the MIT License.