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A Cobbler Profile. A profile is a reference to a distribution, possibly some kernel options, possibly some Virt options, and some kickstart data.
Copyright 2006-2009, Red Hat, Inc and Others
Michael DeHaan <michael.dehaan AT gmail>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
02110-1301 USA
import utils
import item
import time
from cexceptions import *
from utils import _
# this datastructure is described in great detail in -- read the comments there.
["name","",None,"Name",True,"Ex: F10-i386-webserver",0,"str"],
["owners","SETTINGS:default_ownership","SETTINGS:default_ownership","Owners",True,"Owners list for authz_ownership (space delimited)",0,"list"],
["distro",None,'<<inherit>>',"Distribution",True,"Parent distribution",[],"str"],
["parent",'','',"Parent Profile",True,"",[],"str"],
["enable_gpxe","SETTINGS:enable_gpxe",0,"Enable gPXE?",True,"Use gPXE instead of PXELINUX for advanced booting options",0,"bool"],
["enable_menu","SETTINGS:enable_menu",'<<inherit>>',"Enable PXE Menu?",True,"Show this profile in the PXE menu?",0,"bool"],
["kickstart","SETTINGS:default_kickstart",'<<inherit>>',"Kickstart",True,"Path to kickstart template",0,"str"],
["kernel_options",{},'<<inherit>>',"Kernel Options",True,"Ex: selinux=permissive",0,"dict"],
["kernel_options_post",{},'<<inherit>>',"Kernel Options (Post Install)",True,"Ex: clocksource=pit noapic",0,"dict"],
["ks_meta",{},'<<inherit>>',"Kickstart Metadata",True,"Ex: dog=fang agent=86",0,"dict"],
["proxy","",None,"Proxy",True,"Proxy URL",0,"str"],
["repos",[],'<<inherit>>',"Repos",True,"Repos to auto-assign to this profile",[],"list"],
["comment","","","Comment",True,"Free form text description",0,"str"],
["virt_auto_boot","SETTINGS:virt_auto_boot",'<<inherit>>',"Virt Auto Boot",True,"Auto boot this VM?",0,"bool"],
["virt_cpus",1,'<<inherit>>',"Virt CPUs",True,"integer",0,"int"],
["virt_file_size","SETTINGS:default_virt_file_size",'<<inherit>>',"Virt File Size(GB)",True,"",0,"int"],
["virt_disk_driver","SETTINGS:default_virt_disk_driver",'<<inherit>>',"Virt Disk Driver Type",True,"The on-disk format for the virtualization disk","raw","str"],
["virt_ram","SETTINGS:default_virt_ram",'<<inherit>>',"Virt RAM (MB)",True,"",0,"int"],
["virt_type","SETTINGS:default_virt_type",'<<inherit>>',"Virt Type",True,"Virtualization technology to use",["xenpv","xenfv","qemu", "kvm", "vmware", "openvz"],"str"],
["virt_path","",'<<inherit>>',"Virt Path",True,"Ex: /directory OR VolGroup00",0,"str"],
["virt_bridge","SETTINGS:default_virt_bridge",'<<inherit>>',"Virt Bridge",True,"",0,"str"],
["dhcp_tag","default",'<<inherit>>',"DHCP Tag",True,"See manpage or leave blank",0,"str"],
["server","<<inherit>>",'<<inherit>>',"Server Override",True,"See manpage or leave blank",0,"str"],
["name_servers","SETTINGS:default_name_servers",[],"Name Servers",True,"space delimited",0,"list"],
["name_servers_search","SETTINGS:default_name_servers_search",[],"Name Servers Search Path",True,"space delimited",0,"list"],
["mgmt_classes",[],'<<inherit>>',"Management Classes",True,"For external configuration management",0,"list"],
["mgmt_parameters","<<inherit>>","<<inherit>>","Management Parameters",True,"Parameters which will be handed to your management application (Must be valid YAML dictionary)", 0,"str"],
["boot_files",{},'<<inherit>>',"TFTP Boot Files",True,"Files copied into tftpboot beyond the kernel/initrd",0,"list"],
["fetchable_files",{},'<<inherit>>',"Fetchable Files",True,"Templates for tftp or wget",0,"dict"],
["template_files",{},'<<inherit>>',"Template Files",True,"File mappings for built-in config management",0,"dict"],
["redhat_management_key","<<inherit>>","<<inherit>>","Red Hat Management Key",True,"Registration key for RHN, Spacewalk, or Satellite",0,"str"],
["redhat_management_server","<<inherit>>","<<inherit>>","Red Hat Management Server",True,"Address of Spacewalk or Satellite Server",0,"str"],
["template_remote_kickstarts", "SETTINGS:template_remote_kickstarts", "SETTINGS:template_remote_kickstarts", "", False, "", 0, "bool"]
class Profile(item.Item):
TYPE_NAME = _("profile")
def make_clone(self):
ds = self.to_datastruct()
cloned = Profile(self.config)
return cloned
def get_fields(self):
return FIELDS
def set_parent(self,parent_name):
Instead of a --distro, set the parent of this object to another profile
and use the values from the parent instead of this one where the values
for this profile aren't filled in, and blend them together where they
are hashes. Basically this enables profile inheritance. To use this,
the object MUST have been constructed with is_subobject=True or the
default values for everything will be screwed up and this will likely NOT
work. So, API users -- make sure you pass is_subobject=True into the
constructor when using this.
old_parent = self.get_parent()
if isinstance(old_parent, item.Item):
old_parent.children.pop(, 'pass')
if parent_name is None or parent_name == '':
self.parent = ''
return True
if parent_name ==
# check must be done in two places as set_parent could be called before/after
# set_name...
raise CX(_("self parentage is weird"))
found = self.config.profiles().find(name=parent_name)
if found is None:
raise CX(_("profile %s not found, inheritance not possible") % parent_name)
self.parent = parent_name
self.depth = found.depth + 1
parent = self.get_parent()
if isinstance(parent, item.Item):
parent.children[] = self
return True
def set_distro(self,distro_name):
Sets the distro. This must be the name of an existing
Distro object in the Distros collection.
d = self.config.distros().find(name=distro_name)
if d is not None:
old_parent = self.get_parent()
if isinstance(old_parent, item.Item):
old_parent.children.pop(, 'pass')
self.distro = distro_name
self.depth = d.depth +1 # reset depth if previously a subprofile and now top-level
d.children[] = self
return True
raise CX(_("distribution not found"))
def set_redhat_management_key(self,key):
return utils.set_redhat_management_key(self,key)
def set_redhat_management_server(self,server):
return utils.set_redhat_management_server(self,server)
def set_name_servers(self,data):
# FIXME: move to utils since shared with system
if data == "<<inherit>>":
data = []
data = utils.input_string_or_list(data)
self.name_servers = data
return True
def set_name_servers_search(self,data):
if data == "<<inherit>>":
data = []
data = utils.input_string_or_list(data)
self.name_servers_search = data
return True
def set_proxy(self,proxy):
self.proxy = proxy
return True
def set_enable_gpxe(self,enable_gpxe):
Sets whether or not the profile will use gPXE for booting.
self.enable_gpxe = utils.input_boolean(enable_gpxe)
return True
def set_enable_menu(self,enable_menu):
Sets whether or not the profile will be listed in the default
PXE boot menu. This is pretty forgiving for YAML's sake.
self.enable_menu = utils.input_boolean(enable_menu)
return True
def set_template_remote_kickstarts(self, template):
Sets whether or not the server is configured to template remote
self.template_remote_kickstarts = utils.input_boolean(template)
return True
def set_dhcp_tag(self,dhcp_tag):
if dhcp_tag is None:
dhcp_tag = ""
self.dhcp_tag = dhcp_tag
return True
def set_server(self,server):
if server is None or server == "":
server = "<<inherit>>"
self.server = server
return True
def set_kickstart(self,kickstart):
Sets the kickstart. This must be a NFS, HTTP, or FTP URL.
Or filesystem path. Minor checking of the URL is performed here.
if kickstart == "" or kickstart is None:
self.kickstart = ""
return True
if kickstart == "<<inherit>>":
self.kickstart = kickstart
return True
kickstart = utils.find_kickstart(kickstart)
if kickstart:
self.kickstart = kickstart
return True
raise CX(_("kickstart not found: %s") % kickstart)
def set_virt_auto_boot(self,num):
return utils.set_virt_auto_boot(self,num)
def set_virt_cpus(self,num):
return utils.set_virt_cpus(self,num)
def set_virt_file_size(self,num):
return utils.set_virt_file_size(self,num)
def set_virt_disk_driver(self,driver):
return utils.set_virt_disk_driver(self,driver)
def set_virt_ram(self,num):
return utils.set_virt_ram(self,num)
def set_virt_type(self,vtype):
return utils.set_virt_type(self,vtype)
def set_virt_bridge(self,vbridge):
return utils.set_virt_bridge(self,vbridge)
def set_virt_path(self,path):
return utils.set_virt_path(self,path)
def set_repos(self,repos,bypass_check=False):
return utils.set_repos(self,repos,bypass_check)
def get_parent(self):
Return object next highest up the tree.
if self.parent is None or self.parent == '':
if self.distro is None:
return None
result = self.config.distros().find(name=self.distro)
result = self.config.profiles().find(name=self.parent)
return result
def check_if_valid(self):
if is None or == "":
raise CX("name is required")
distro = self.get_conceptual_parent()
if distro is None:
raise CX("Error with profile %s - distro is required" % (
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