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- Oct 5 2011 - 2.2.0
- Remove the version (
- New upstream 2.2.0 release (
- Add networking snippet for SuSE systems. (
- Add a /etc/hosts snippet for SuSE systems. (
- Add a proxy snippet for SuSE systems. (
- Buildiso: make use of the proxy field (SuSE, Debian/Ubuntu).
- Rename buildiso.header to buildiso.template for consistency. Also restore the
local LABEL in the template. (
- Bugfix: uppercase macaddresses used in buildiso netdevice= keyword cause the
autoyast installer to not setup the network and thus fail.
- Buildiso: minor cleanup diff. (
- Buildiso: behaviour changed after feedback from the community.
- Build standalone ISO from the webinterface. (
- Fix standalone ISO building for SuSE, Debian and Ubuntu.
- add proxy field to (
- Remove FreeBSD from the unix breed as it has it's own now. Also, add freebsd7
as it is supported until feb 2013. Minor version numbers don't make sense,
also removed. (
- Add a proxy field to profile and system objects. This is useful for
environments where systems are not allowed to make direct connections to the
cobbler/repo servers. (
- Introduce a "status" field to system objects. Useful in environments where
DTAP is required, the possible values for this field are: development,
testing, acceptance, production (
- Buildiso: only process profiles for selected systems. (
- Buildiso: add batch action to build an iso for selected profiles.
- Buildiso: use management interface feature. (
- Buildiso: get rid of some code duplication (ISO header).
- Buildiso: add interface to macaddr resolution. (
- Buildiso: add Debian and Ubuntu support. (
- Buildiso: select systems from the webinterface. (
- Fix an exception when buildiso is called from the webinterface.
- fix power_virsh template to check dom status before executing command.
- if hostname is not resolvable do not fail and use that hostname
- Removed action_import module and references to it in code to prevent future
confusion. (
- Fixing redirects after a failed token validation. You should now be
redirected back to the page you were viewing after having to log back in due
to a forced login. (
- Use port to access cobbler (
- Stripping "g" from vgs output case-insensitive runs faster
- Adding ability to create new sub-directories when saving snippets. Addresses
trac #634 - save new snippet fails on non existing subdir (
- Fix traceback when executing "cobbler system reboot" with no system name
specified Trac ticket #578 - missing check for name option with system reboot
- bind zone template writing (
- Removing the duplicate lines from importing re module (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'jimi1283/bridge-interface' (
- Modification to allow DEPRECATED options to be added as options to optparse
so they work as aliases (
- Re-adding the ability to generate a random mac from the webui. Trac #543
(Generate random mac missing from 2.x webui) (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'jsabo/fbsdreplication' (
- Tim Verhoeven <> (Tue. 08:35) (Cobbler attachment)
Subject: [PATCH] Add support to koan to select type of network device to
emulate To: cobbler development list <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 14:35:21 +0200 (
- Hello, (
- scm_track: Add --all to git add options to handle deletions (
- Moved HEADER heredoc from to
/etc/cobbler/iso/buildiso.header (
- Enable replication for FreeBSD (
- Merge branch 'master' into bridge-interface (
- Remove json settings from local_get_cobbler_xmlrpc_url() (
- 1) Moving --subnet field to --netmask 2) Created DEPRECATED_FIELDS structure
in to deal with moves like this * also applies to the
bonding->interface_type move for bridged interface support (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'jimi1283/bridge-interface' (
- Fixing up some serializer module stuff: * detecting module load errors when
trying to deserialize collections * added a what() function to all the
serializer modules for ID purposes * error detection for mongo stuff,
including pymongo import problems as well as connection issues
- Cleanup of bonding stuff in all files, including webui and koan. Additional
cleanup in the network config scripts, and re-added the modprobe.conf
renaming code to the post install network config. (
- Initial rework to allow bridge/bridge slave interfaces Added static route
configuration to pre_install_network_config Major cleanup/reworking of
post_install_network_config script (
- Fix for bad commit of some json settings test (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'jsabo/fbsdimport' (
- Adding initial support for FreeBSD media importing (
- Setting TIME_ZONE to None in web/ causes a 500 error on a RHEL5
system with python 2.4 and django 1.1. Commenting out the config line has the
same effect as setting it to None, and prevents the 500. (
- Fixes for importing RHEL6: * path_tail() was previously moved to utils, a
couple places in the import modules still used self.path_tail instead
of utils.path_tail, causing a stack dump * Fixed an issue in
utils.path_tail(), which was using self. still from when it was a member
of the import class * When mirror name was set on import and using
--available-as, it was appending a lot of junk instead of just using the
specified mirror name (
- Merge branch 'master' of git:// (
- Fix a quick error (
- Set the tftpboot dir for rhel6 hosts (
- Fixed a typo (
- Added an extra field in the system/interface item. The field is called
"management" and should be used to identify the management interface, this
could be useful information for multihomed systems. (
- In the event log view the data/time field got wrapped which is very annoying.
Fast fix for now, i'm pretty sure there are better ways to do this.
- Event log soring on date reverted, let's sort on id instead. Reverse over
events in the template. Convert gmtime in the template to localtime.
- Sort the event log by date/time (
- Remove some unsupported OS versions from (
- Some changes in the generate_netboot_iso function/code: - Users had to supply
all system names on the commandline which they wanted to include in the ISO
boot menu. This patch changes that behaviour; all systems are included by
default now. You can still provide an override with the --systems parameter,
thus making this feature more consistent with what one might expect from
reading the help. - While at it I tried to make the code more readable and
removed some unneeded iterations. - Prevent some unneeded kernel/initrd
copies. - You can now override ip/netmask/gateway/dns parameters with
corresponding kernel_options. - Fixed a bug for SuSE systems where ksdevice
should be netdevice. - If no ksdevice/netdevice (or equivalent) has been
supplied via kernel_options try to guess the proper interface to use, but
don't just use one if we can't be sure about it (e.g. for multihomed
systems). (
- Add SLES 11 to (
- Add support for Fedora15 to (
- Django uses the timezone information from web/ Changing the
hardcoded value to None forces Django to use the systems timezone instead of
this hardcoded value (
- Fix cobbler replication for non-RHEL hosts. The slicing used in the
link_distro function didn't work for all distros. (
- Fix vmware esx importing. It was setting the links dir to the dir the iso was
mounted on import (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'jsabo/webuifun' (
- Fix bug with esxi replication. It wasn't rsyncing the distro over if the
parentdir already existed. (
- Merge branch 'master' of git:// (
- Initial commit for mongodb backend support and adding support for settings as
json (
- Web UI patches from Greg Swift applied (
- whitespace fix (
- Fix to fix to py_tftp change to sync in bootloaders
- Fixing a bug reported by Jonathan Sabo. (
- Merge branch 'master' of git://
- Revert "Jonathan Sabo <> (June 09) (Cobbler)"
- Unmount and deactivate all software raid devices after searching for ssh keys
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'ugansert/master' (
- Jonathan Sabo <> (June 09) (Cobbler) Subject: [PATCH] Fix
issue with importing distro's on new cobbler box To: cobbler development list
<> Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 16:17:20 -0400
- missing manage_rsync option from config/settings (
- Remove left-over debugging log message (
- SUSE requires the correct arch to find kernel+initrd on the inst-source
- added autoyast=... parameter to the ISO building code when breed=suse
- calculate meta data in the XML file without cheetah variables now
- render the cheetah template before passing the XML to the python XML parser
- made the pathes flexible to avoid problem on other distros than fedora/redhat
- bugfix (
- Merge patch from stable (
- utils: initialize main_logger only when needed (
- During refactor, failed to move templater initialization into
write_boot_files_distro. (
- Fixed a couple of simple typos. Made the boot_files support work (added
template support for the key, defined the img_path attribute for that
expansion) (
- Fixes to get to the "minimally tested" level. Fixed two syntax errors in, and fixed refences to api and os.path in
- Rebasing commit, continued. (
- Change the vmware stuff to use 'boot_files' as the space to set files that
need to be available to a tftp-booting process (
- Added 'boot_files' field for 'files that need to be put into tftpboot'
- Merge conflict. (
- Add in a default for puppet_auto_setup, thanks to Camille Meulien
<> for finding it. (
- Add a directory remap feature to fetchable_files processing. /foo/*=/bar/
Client requests for "/foo/baz" will be turned into requests for /bar/baz.
Target paths are evaluated against the root filesystem, not tftpboot.
Template expansion is done on "bar/baz", so that would typically more
usefully be something like /boot/*=$distro_path/boot
- Removed trailing whitespace causing git warnings (
- Fix a bug where would throw if a client requested '/'.
- Allow slop in the config, not just the client. modules: don't hardcode
/tftpboot (
- Moved footer to actually float at the bottom of the page or visible section,
whichever is further down. Unfortunately leaves a slightly larger margin pad
on there. Will have to see if it can be made cleaner (
- Removed right padding on delete checkboxes (
- Adjusted all the self closing tags to end eith a " />" instead of not having
a space separating them (
- Added "add" button to the filter bit (
- Removed "Enabled" label on checkboxes, this can be added via css as part of
the theme if people want it using :after { content: " Enabled" } Padded the
context-tip off the checkboxes so that it lines up with most of the other
context tips instead of being burring in the middle of the form
- Added bottom margin on text area so that it isn't as tight next to other form
fields (
- Added id tags to the forms for ks templates and snippets Set some margins for
those two forms, they were a bit scrunched because they didn't have a
sectionbody fieldset and legend Removed inline formatting of input sizes on
those two pages Set the textareas in those two pages via css
- Made the tooltips get hiddent except for on hover, with a small image
displayed in their place (
- Added a top margin to the submit/reset buttons... looks cleaner having some
space. (
- Changed generic edit form to the following: - Made blocks into fieldsets
again, converting the h2 to a legend. I didn't mean to change this the first
time through. - Pulled up a level, removing the wrapping div, making each
fieldset contain an order list, instead of each line being an ordered list,
which was silly of me. - Since it went up a level, un-indented all of the
internal html tags 2 spaces - changed the place holder for the network
widgets to spans so that they displayed cleanly (Don't like the spans either,
but its for the javascript) In the stylesheet just changed the
div.sectionbody to ol.sectionbody (
- Fixed closing ul->div on multiselect section. Must have missed it a few
commits ago. (
- IE uses input styling such as borders even on checkboxes... was not intended,
so has been cleared for checkboxes (
- This is a change to the multiselect buttons view, i didn't mean to commit
the style sheet along with the spelling check fixes, but since I did might as
well do the whole thing and then erevert it later if people dislike it
- Fixed another postition mispelling (
- fixed typo postition should be position (
- Returned the multiselect section to being div's, since its actually not a set
of list items, it is a single list item. Re-arranged the multiselect so that
the buttons are centered between the two sections Removed all of the line
breaks form that section Made the select box headings actually labels moved
the order of multiselect after sectionbody definition due to inheritence
- Restored select boxes to "default" styling since they are not as cleanly css-
able Made visibly selected action from Batch Actions bold, mainly so by
default Batch Action is bold. Moved text-area and multi-select sizing into
stylesheet. re-alphabetized some of the tag styles Made the default login's
text inputs centered, since everything else on that page is
- Added missing bracket from two commits ago in the stylesheet.
- Re-added the tool tips for when they exist in the edit forms and set a style
on them. Removed an extraneous line break from textareas in edit form
- Fixed javascript where I had used teh wrong quotes, thus breaking the network
interface widgets (
- Added label and span to cleanup block (
- Added version across all of the template loads so that the footer is
populated with it (
- all css: - set overall default font size of 1em - added missing tags to the
cleanup css block - fixed button layout -- list line buttons are smaller font
to keep lines smaller -- set action input button's size - set indentation and
bolding of items in batch action - redid the list formatting -- removed zebra
stripes, they share the standard background now -- hover is now the
background color of the old darker zebra stripe -- selected lines now
background of the older light zebra stripe - added webkit border radius
- generic_lists.tmpl - Removed force space on the checklists generic_lists.tmpl
- Added javascript to allow for selected row highlighting
- Removed inline formatting from import.tmpl Made the context tips spans
- Made both filter-adder elements exist in the same li element
- Added default formatting for ordered lists Added formatting for the new
multiselect unordered list Changed old div definitions for the multiselect to
li Added label formatting for inside sectionbody to line up all the forms.
- Adjusted multiselect section to be an unordered list instead of a div
- Moved the close list tag inside the for loop, otherwise we generate lots of
nasty nested lists (
- Changed edit templates to use ol instead of ul, because it apparently helps
out those using screen readers, and we should be making things accessible,
yes? (
- Re-structured the edit templates to be unordered lists. Standardized the
tooltip/contextual data as context-tip class Redid the delete setup so that
its Delete->Really? Instead of Delete:Yes->Really? Same number of check
boxes. Setup the delete bit so that Delete and Really are labels for the
checkboxes and there isn't extraneous html input tags (
- Added top margin on the filter adder (
- Adjusted single action item buttons to be in the same list element, as it
makes alignment cleaner, and more sense from a grouping standpoint Set
submenubar default height to 26px Set submenubar's alignment to be as clean
as I've been able to get so far. (
- Set background color back to original (
- Adjusted all buttons to hover invert from blue to-blackish, the inverse of
the normal links (which go blackish to blue) but left the text color the
same. i'm not sure its as pretty, but dfinately more readable. Plus the
color change scheme is more consistant. Also made table buttons smaller than
other buttons (
- Fixed width on paginate select boxes to auto, instead of over 200px
- Removed margin around hr tag, waste of space, and looks closer to original
now (
- Removed extraneous body div by putting user div inside container.
- Adjuested style sheet to improve standardization of form fields, such as
buttons, text input widths, and fontsizes in buttons vs drop downs.
- Some menu re-alignment on both menubar and submenubar (
- Got the container and the user display into a cleaner size alignment to
display on the screen. less chance of horiz scroll (
- Fix to get login form a bit better placed without duplicate work
- pan.action not needed... .action takes care of it (
- Removed padding on login screen (
- Redid action and button classes to make them look like buttons.. still needs
work. Resized pointer classes to make things a bit more level on that row
- New cleanup at the top negates the need for this table entry
- Removed the body height to 99%. Was doing this for sticky footer, but
current path says its not needed (
- Added some windows and mac default fonts Made the body relative, supposed to
help with the layout Set text color to slightly off black.. was told there is
some odd optical reasoning behind this (
- Made class settings for the table rows a touch more specific in the css
- Added "normalization" to clean up cross browser differences at top of
style.css (
- Added button class to all buttons, submit, and resets (
- Fixed sectionheader to not be styled as actions... they are h2!
- Fixed container reference from class to id (
- Added missing action class on the "Create new" links in generic_list.tmpl
- Revert part of 344969648c1ce1e753af because RHEL5's django doesn't support
that (
- removed underline on remaing links (
- Fixed the way the logo was placed on the page and removed the excess
background setting. (
- Some cleanup to the style sheet along - removed fieldset since no more exist
(not sure about this in long run.... we'll see) - cleaned up default style
for ul cause it was causing override issues - got menubar and submenu bar
mostly settled (
- Fixed submenu bar ul to be identified by id not class (
- Rebuilt primary css stylesheet - not complete yet (
- Removed logout from cobbler meft hand menu (
- Next step in redoing layout: - added current logged in user and logout button
to a div element at top of page - fixed content div from class to id - added
footer (version entry doesn't work for some reason) - links to cobbler
website (
- in generic_list.tmpl - set the edit link to class 'action' - merged the
creation of the edit action 'View kickstart' for system and profile
- Replaced tool tip as div+em with a span classed as tooltip. tooltip class
just adds italic. (
- Fixed table header alignment to left (
- Take the logo out of the html, making it a css element, but retain the
location and basic feel of the placement. (
- Step one of redoing the action list, pagination and filters. - split
pagination and filters to two tmpl files - pagination can be called on its
own (so it can live in top and bottom theoretically) - filter will eventually
include pagination so its on the bottom - new submenubar includes pagination
- new submenubar does age specific actiosn as links instead of drop downs
cause there is usually 1, rarely 2, never more. (
- Removed pagination from left hand column (
- Removed an erroneous double quote from master.tmpl (
- Went a bit overboard and re-adjusted whitespace in all the templates. Trying
to do the code in deep blocks across templates can be a bit tedious and
difficult to maintain. While the output is not perfect, at least the
templates are more readable. (
- Removed remaining vestige of action menu shading feature
- Removed header shade references completely from the lists and the code from
master.tmpl (
- Wrapped setting.tmpl error with the error class (
- Changed h3 to h2 inside pages Made task_created's h4 into a h1 and
standarized with the other pages (
- Standardized header with a hr tag before the form tags (
- Added base width on the multiple select boxes, primarily for when they are
empty (
- Removed fieldset wrappers and replaced legends with h1 and h2 depending on
depth (
- Adjusted logic for the legent to only change one word, instead of the full
string (
- Removed empty cell from table in generic_edit.tmpl (
- Revert 8fed301e61f28f8eaf08e430869b5e5df6d02df0 because it was to many
different changes (
- Removed empty cell from table in generic_edit.tmpl (
- Moved some cobbler admin and help menus to a separate menu in the menubar
- Added HTML5 autofocus attribute to login.tmpl. Unsupported browsers just
ignores this. (
- Re-built login.tmpl: - logo isn't a link anymore back to the same page - logo
is centered with the login form - fieldset has been removed - set a css class
for the body of the login page, unused for now. And the css: - removed the
black border from css - centered the login button as well
- Made the links and span.actions hover with the same color as used for the
section headings (
- Removed as much in-HTML placed formatting as possible and implemented them in
css. The main bit remaining is the floats in paginate.tmpl
- Cleaned up single tag closing for several of the checkboxes
- removed a trailing forward slash that was creating an orphaned close span tag
- Relabeled cells in thead row from td tags to th (
- Added tr wrapper inside thead of tables for markup validation
- Use :// as separator for virsh URIs (
- Create more condensed s390 parm files (
- Add possibility to interrupt zPXE and to enter CMS (
- Cleanup the way that we download content - Fixes a bug where we were only
downloading grub-x86_64.efi (
- Port this config over as well (
- Only clear logs that exist. (
- Pull in new configs from the obsoletes directory. (
- Removed extraneous close row tag from events.tmpl (
- Fixed spelling of receive in enoaccess.tmpl (
- Added missing close tags on a few menu unordered list items in master.tmpl
- Added missing "for" correlation tag for labels in generic_edit.tmpl
- Removed extraneous close divs from generic_edit.tmpl (
- Removing old and unused template files (
- Add support for Ubuntu distros. (
- Koan install tree path for Ubuntu/Debian distros. (
- Fixing hardlink bin path. (
- Do not fail when yum python module is not present. (
- Add Ubuntu/Debian support to koan utils for later use. (
- typo in autoyast xml parsing (
- Minor change to validate a token before checking on a user. (
- get install tree from install=... parameter for SUSE (
- handle autoyast XML files (
- fixed support for SUSE in build-iso process. Fixed a typo (
- added SUSE breed to import-webui (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'lanky/master' (
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'jimi1283/master' (
- added support for suse-distro import (
- Fix a sub_process Popen call that did not set close_fds to true. This causes
issues with sync where dhcpd keeps the XMLRPC port open and prevents cobblerd
from restarting (
- Cleanup of unneccsary widgets in distro/profile. These needed to be removed
as part of the multiselect change. (
- Yet another change to multiselect editing. Multiselects are now presented as
side-by-side add/delete boxes, where values can be moved back and forth and
only appear in one of the two boxes. (
- Fix for django traceback when logging into the web interface with a bad
username and/or password (
- Fix for snippet/kickstart editing via the web interface, where a 'tainted
file path' error was thrown (
- added the single missed $idata.get() item (
- updated post_install_network_config to use $idata.get(key, "") instead of
$idata[key]. This stops rendering issues with the snippet when some keys are
missing (for example after an upgrade from 2.0.X to 2.1.0, where a large
number of new keys appear to have been added.) and prevents us from having to
go through all system records and add default values for them.
- Take account of puppet_auto_setup in
- Take account of puppet_auto_setup in
- Add puppet snippets to sample.ks (
- Add puppet_auto_setup to settings file (
- Add snippets/puppet_register_if_enabled (
- Add snippets/puppet_install_if_enabled (
- Add configuration of puppet pre/post modules to settings file
- Add module (
- Add module (
- Apply a fix for importing red hat distros, thanks jsabo (
- Changes to action/batch actions at top of generic list pages * move logic
into views, where it belongs * simplify template code * change actions/batch
actions into drop down select lists * added/modified javascript to deal with
above changes (
- Minor fixes to cobbler.conf, since the AliasMatch was conflicting with the
WSGI script alias (
- Initial commit for form-based login and authentication (
- Convert webui to use WSGI instead of mod_python (
- Save field data in the django user session so the webui doesn't save things
unnecessarily (
- Make use of --format in git and use the short hash. Thanks Todd Zullinger
<> (
- We need git. Thanks to Luc de Louw <> (
- Start of the change log supplied by Michael MacDonald <>
- Fix typo in cobbler man page entry for profile (
- Fix cobbler man page entry for parent profile option
- Set SELinux context of host ssh keys correctly after reinstallation
- Fixing bug with img_path. It was being used prior to being set if you have
images. (
- Add firstboot install trigger mode (
- Fix old style shell triggers by checking for None prior to adding args to arg
list and fix indentation (
- Bugfix: restore --no-fail functionality to CLI reposync
- Add the ability to replicate the new object types (mgmtclass,file,package).
- Add VMware ESX and ESXi replication. (
- Add batch delete option for profiles and mgmtclasses
- Spelling fail (
- Remove deploy as a valid direct action (
- Trac Ticket #509: A fix that does not break everything else.
( (
- Only chown the file if it does not already exist (
- Modification to cobbler web interface, added a drop-down select box for
management classes and some new javascript to add/remove items from the
multi-select (
- Check if the cachedir exists before we run find on it. (
- Fix trac#574 memtest (
- Add network config snippets for esx and esxi network configuration
$SNIPPET('network_config_esxi') renders to: (
- Trac Ticket #510: Modified 'cobbler buildiso' to use
/var/cache/cobbler/buildiso by default. Added a /etc/cobbler/settings value
of 'buildisodir' to make it setable by the end user. --tempdir will still
overwrite either setting on the command line. (
- Add img_path to the metadata[] so that it's rendered out in the esxi pxe
templates. Add os_version checks for esxi in kickstart_done so that it uses
wget or curl depending on what's known to be available.
- Added --sync-all option to cobbler replicate which forces all systems,
distros, profiles, repos and images to be synced without specifying each.
- Added manage_rsync option which defaults to 0. This will make cobbler not
overwrite a local rsyncd.conf unless enabled.
- Added semicolon master template's placement of the arrow in the page heading
- Quick fix from jsabo (
- added hover line highlighting to table displays (
- Modification to generic_edit template so that the name field is not a text
box when editing. (
- Minor fixes for mgmt classes webui changes. - Bug when adding a new obj,
since obj is None it was causing a django stack dump - Minor tweaks to
javascript (
- Fixed error in which the json files for mgmtclasses was not being deleted
when a mgmtclass was removed, meaning they showed back up the next time
cobblerd was restarted (
- Fixed syntax error in that was preventing cobblerd from starting
- Supports an additional initrd from kernel_options. (
- Remove a bogus self (
- Re-enable debmirror. (
- Extending the current Wake-on-Lan support for wider distro compatibility.
Thanks to Dustin Kirkland. (
- Dont hardcode /etc/rc.d/init.d redhatism. (
- Newer (pxe|sys)linux's localboot value produces unreliable results when using
documented options, -1 seems to provide the best supported value
- Detect the webroot to be used based on the distro.
- If the logfile path doesn't exist, don't attempt to create the log file.
Mainly needed when cobbler is required to run inside the build env
(cobbler4j). Thanks to Dave Walker <>
- Implement system power status API method and CLI command (
- Update setup files to use proper apache configuration path
- Debian has www-data user for web server file access instead of apache.
- Update init script to work under debian. (
- Use lsb_release module to detect debian distributions. Debian release is
returned as a string because it could be sid which will never have a version
number. (
- Fix check for apache installation (
- Handle Cheetah version with more than 3 parts (
- Allow dlcontent to use proxy environment variables (
- Copy memtest to $bootloc/images/. Fixes BZ#663307 (
- Merge remote branch 'jimi1283/master' (
- Turn the cheetah version numbers into integers while testing them so we don't
always return true (
- Kill some whitespace (
- Fix for bug #587 - Un-escaped '$' in snippet silently fails to render
- Fix for bug #587 - Un-escaped '$' in snippet silently fails to render
- Merge branch 'master' of git:// (
- Don't use link caching in places it isn't needed (
- Better logging on subprocess calls (
- Fix for trac #541 - cobbler sync deletes /var/www/cobbler/pub (
- Merged work in the import-modules branch with the debian/ubuntu modules
created by Chuck Short (
- Merge branch 'cshort' into import-modules (
- Finished up debian/ubuntu support for imports Tweaked redhat/vmware import
modules logging output Added rsync function to utils to get it out of each
module - still need to fix the redhat/vmware modules to actually use this
- Initial commit for the Debian import module. * tested against Debian squeeze.
- Initial commit for the Ubuntu import module. * tested against Natty which
imported successfully. (
- tftp-hpa users for both Ubuntu Debian use /var/lib/tftpboot.
- Disable the checks that are not really valid for Ubuntu or Debian.
- Add myself to the authors file. (
- Updates for debian/ubuntu support in import modules (
- Fix a problem with cheetah >= 2.4.2 where the snippets were causing errors,
particularly on F14 due to its use of cheetah 2.4.3. (
- Initial commit of the Ubuntu import module (
- Merge remote branch 'jimi1283/import-modules' (
- Merge remote branch 'jimi1283/master' (
- Extended ESX/ESXi support * Fixed release detection for both ESX and ESXi *
Added support to kickstart_finder() so that the fetchable_files list gets
filled out when the distro is ESXi (
- Fixed distro_adder() in manage_import_vmware so ESXi gets imported properly
- Initial commit for the VMWare import module * tested against esx4 update 1,
which imported successfully (
- Minor style changes for web css * darken background slightly so the logo
doesn't look washed out * make text input boxes wider (
- Fix for the generic_edit function for the web page. The choices field for
management classes was not being set for distros/profiles - only systems,
causing a django stack dump (
- modify keep_ssh_host_keys snippet to use old keys during OS installation
- Merge remote branch 'jimi1283/master' (
- Added replicate to list of DIRECT_ACTIONS, so it shows up in the --help
output (
- Merge branch 'master' into import-modules (
- Merge branch 'master' of git:// (
- Some fixes to the manage_import_redhat module * stop using mirror_name for
path stuff - using self.path instead * fixed rsync command to use self.path
too, this should really be made a global somewhere else though
- Add synopsis entries to man page to enable whatis command
- Add "ubuntu" as detected distribution. (
- Fix for redhat import module. Setting the kickstart file with a default
value was causing some issues later on with the kickstart_finder() function,
which assumes all new profiles don't have a kickstart file yet
- Fix for non x86 arches, bug and fix by David Robinson <>
- Don't die when we find deltas, just don't use them (
- Merge remote branch 'khightower/khightower/enhanced-configuration-management'
- By: Bill Peck <> exclude initrd.addrsize as well. This
affects s390 builds (
- Fix an issue where an item was getting handed to remove_item instead of the
name of the item. This would cause an exception further down in the stack
when .lower() was called on the object (by the call to get_item).
- Add a check to make sure system is in obj_types before removing it. Also
remove an old FIXME that this previously fixed (
- Fix regression in 2.0.8 that dumped into pxe cfg files (
- Initial commit of import module for redhat (
- Merge branch 'master' of git:// (
- Added new modules for copying a distros's fetchable files to the
/tftpboot/images directory -
copies on an add/edit - copies the
files for ALL distros on a full sync (
- Removed trailing '---' from each of the PXE templates for ESXi, which causes
PXE issues (
- Make stripping of "G" from vgs output case-insensitive
- Replace rhpl with ethtool (
- Add --force-path option to force overwrite of virt-path location
- item_[profile|system] - update parents after editing (
- - rename rather than delete mirror dirs (
- Wil Cooley <> (
- Merge remote branch 'kilpatds/io' (
- Add additional qemu_driver_type parameter to start_install function
- Add valid debian names for releases (
- Add debian preseed support to koan (
- Add support for EFI grub booting. (
- Turn the 'daemonize I/O' code back on. cobbler sync seems to still work
- Fix some spacing in the init script (
- Added a copy-default attribute to koan, to control the params passed to
grubby (
- Turn on the cache by default Enable a negative cache, with a shorter timeout.
Use the cache for normal lookups, not much ip-after-failed.
- no passing full error message. Der (
- Pull the default block size into the template, since that can need to be
changed. Make understand -B for compatibility. Default to a smaller
mtu, for vmware compatibility. (
- in.tftpd needs to be run as root. Whoops (
- Handle exceptions in the idle-timer handling. This could cause to
never exit (
- Do a better job of handling things when a logger doesn't exist. And don't try
and find out what the FD is for logging purposes when I know that might throw
and I won't catch it. (
- Scott Henson pointed out that my earlier changes stopped a sync from also
copying kernel/initrd files into the web directry. Split out the targets
from the copy, and make sure that sync still copies to webdir, and then also
fixed where I wasn't copying those files in the synclite case.
- Put back code that I removed incorrectly. (sync DHCP, DNS)
- Support installing FreeBSD without an IP address set in the host record.
- Fixed some bugs in the special-case handling code, where I was not properly
handling kernel requests, because I'd merged some code that looked alike, but
couldn't actually be merged. (
- fixing koan to use cobblers version of os_release which works with RHEL 6
- Adding preliminary support for importing ESXi for PXE booting (
- Fix cobbler check tftp typo. (
- buildiso now builds iso's that include the http_port setting (in
/etc/cobbler/settings) in the kickstart file url
- Add check detection for missing ksvalidator (
- Use shlex.split() to properly handle a quoted install URL (e.g. url
--url="") (
- Update to accept 'fedora14' as a valid --os-version
- No more self (
- Don't die if a single repo fails to sync. (
- Refactor: depluralize madhatter branch (
- Updating and spec file. (
- New unit tests: Mgmtclasses (
- Updating cobbler/koan man pages with info on using the new configuration
management capabilities (
- Cobbler web integration for new configuration management capabilities
- Koan configuration management enhancements (
- Cobbler configuration management enhancements (
- New cobbler objects: mgmtclasses, packages, and files.
- Merge remote branch 'jsabo/kickstart_done' (
- Move kickstart_done and kickstart_start out of and into their own
snippets. This also adds support for VMware ESX triggers and magic urls by
checking for the "vmware" breed and then using curl when that's all thats
available vs wget. VMware's installer makes wget available during the %pre
section but only curl is around following install at %post time. Yay! I've
also updated the sample kickstarts to use $SNIPPET('kickstart_done') and
$SNIPPET('kickstart_start') (
- No more getting confused between otype and obj_type (
- The clean_link_cache method was calling subprocess_call without a logger
- Scott Henson pointed out that my earlier changes stopped a sync from also
copying kernel/initrd files into the web directry. Split out the targets
from the copy, and make sure that sync still copies to webdir, and then also
fixed where I wasn't copying those files in the synclite case.
- revert bad templates path (
- Put back code that I removed incorrectly. (sync DHCP, DNS)
- Support installing FreeBSD without an IP address set in the host record.
- Fixed some bugs in the special-case handling code, where I was not properly
handling kernel requests, because I'd merged some code that looked alike, but
couldn't actually be merged. (
- Two more fixes to bugs introduced by pytftpd patch set: * The generated
configs did not have initrd set propertly * Some extra debugging log lines
made it into (
- Fix Trac#530 by properly handling a logger being none. Additionally, make
subprocess_call and subprocess_get use common bits to reduce duplication.
- Fix a cobbler_web authentication leak issue. There are times when the token
that cobbelr_web had did not match the user logged in. This patch ensures
that the token always matches the user that is logged in.
- No more getting confused between otype and obj_type (
- The clean_link_cache method was calling subprocess_call without a logger
- Merge remote branch 'kilpatds/master' (
- Scott Henson pointed out that my earlier changes stopped a sync from also
copying kernel/initrd files into the web directry. Split out the targets
from the copy, and make sure that sync still copies to webdir, and then also
fixed where I wasn't copying those files in the synclite case.
- revert bad templates path (
- Put back code that I removed incorrectly. (sync DHCP, DNS)
- Support installing FreeBSD without an IP address set in the host record.
- Fixed some bugs in the special-case handling code, where I was not properly
handling kernel requests, because I'd merged some code that looked alike, but
couldn't actually be merged. (
- Two more fixes to bugs introduced by pytftpd patch set: * The generated
configs did not have initrd set propertly * Some extra debugging log lines
made it into (
- fast sync. A new way of copying files around using a link cache. It creates
a link cache per device and uses it as an intermediary so that files that are
the same are not copied multiple times. Should greatly speed up sync times.
- A few small fixes and a new feature for the Python tftp server * Support
environments where the MAC address is know, but the IP address is not
(private networks). I do this by waiting for pxelinux.0 to request a file
with the mac address added to the filename, and then look up the host by
MAC. * Fix my MAC lookup logic. I didn't know to look for the ARP type (01-,
at least for ethernet) added by pxelinux.0 * Fix up some log lines to make
more sense * Fix a bug where I didn't get handle an empty fetchable_files
properly, and didn't fall back to checking for profile matches.
- Two fixed to bad changes in my prior patch set. Sorry about that. * Bad path
in cobbler/ No "templates" * Bad generation of the default
boot menu. The first initrd from a profile was getting into the metadata
cache and hanging around, thus becoming the initrd for all labels.
- A smart tftp server, and a module to manage it
- Export the generated pxelinux.cfg file via the materialized system
information RPC method. This enables the python tftpd server below to serve
that file up without any sync being required.
- Move management of /tftpboot into modules. This is a setup step for a later
python tftpd server that will eliminate the need for much of this work.
- Fetchable Files attribute: Provides a new attribute similar in spirit to
mgmt_files, but with somewhat reversed meaning.
- fix log rotation to actually work (
- find_kernel and find_initrd already do the right checks for file_is_remote
and return None if things are wrong. (
- Trac #588 Add mercurial support for scm tracking (
- Add a breed for scientific linux (
- "mgmt_parameters" for item_profile has the wrong default setting when
creating a sub_profile. I'm assuming that <<inherit>> would be correct for a
sub_profile as well. (
- The new placed webui_content in the wrong spot...
- Merge commit 'a81ca9a4c18f17f5f8d645abf03c0e525cd234e1' (
- Added back in old-style version tracking... because needs it.
- Wrap the cobbler-web description (
- Create the tftpboot directory during install (
- Add in /var/lib/cobbler/loaders (
- Create the images directory so that selinux will be happy
- Dont install some things in the webroot and put the services script down
- Fix some issues with clean installs of cobbler post build cleanup
- rhel5 doesn't build egg-info by default. (
- Some systems don't reboot properly at the end of install. s390 being one of
them. This post module will call power reboot if postreboot is in ks_meta for
that system. (
- Changes to allow s390 to work. s390 has a hard limit on the number of chars
it can recieve. (
- show netboot status via koan. This is really handy if you have a system which
fails to pxe boot you can create a service in rc.local which checks the
status of netboot and calls --replace-self for example. (
- When adding in distros/profiles from disk don't bomb out if missing kernel or
ramdisk. just don't add it. (
- add X log to anamon tracking as well. (
- Added new remote method clear_logs. Clearing console and anamon logs in %pre
is too late if the install never happens. (
- fixes /var/www/cobbler/svc/ to canonicalize the uri before parsing
it. This fixes a regression with mod_wsgi enabled and trying to provision a
rhel3 machine. (
- anaconda umounts /proc on us while were still running. Deal with it.
- fix escape (
- dont lowercase power type (
- Bump to 2.1.0 (
- Properly detect unknown distributions (
- cobblerd service: Required-Start: network -> $network
- cobblerd service: add Default-Stop to LSB header (
- No more . on the end (
- Do not delete settings and modules.conf (
- Remove manpage generation from the make file (
- Update the author and author email (
- Proper ownership on some files (
- More rpm cleanups (
- Don't have the #! because rpm complains (
- No more selinux here, we should not be calling chcon, things will end up with
the proper context in a well configured selinux environment
- No more chowning the log file. (
- A new spec file to go with the new (
- Forgot to add aux to (
- Fixed naming scheme for web UI to make it more uniform, what was Puppet
Parameters is now Management Parameters. (
- Removed unnecessary cruft. (
- Reconfigured to now place config files and web ui content in the
right places. The paths are configurable like they were in the previous, but everything is much cleaner. (
- Removed unnecessary templating functionality from configuration generation
(and (
- Added more useful files to and as well as extra
functionality which should contain. (
- Massive overhaul of . Moved things around a little to clean up
building/packaging/distributing. The new is still incomplete.
- RPM specific changes to setup.cfg. (
- Currently working through making functional for generating rpms
dynamically. is just cobbler-web at the moment... and it appears to
work. The next things to do are test the current RPM and add in
functionality for reducing repetitive configuration lines.
- Changed list-view edit link from a javascript onclick event to an actual
link... so that you can now just open it in a new tab. (
- Added tip for random MAC Address functionality to System MAC Address field.
- Added "Puppet Parameters" attribute to Profile and System items. The new
input field is a textarea which takes proper a YAML formatted dictionary.
This data is used for the Puppet External Nodes api call (found in (
- Resume apitesting assuming against local Cobbler server. (
- Replace rogue tab with whitespace. (
- Open all log files in append mode. Tasks should not be special. This
simplifies the handling of logging for selinux. (
- Add rendered dir to cobbler.spec. (
- Re-add mod_python dep only for cobbler-web. (
- initializing variable that is not always initialized but is always accessed
- Merge remote branch 'pvreman/master' (
- add logging of triggers (
- add logging of triggers (
- cobbler-ext-nodes needs also to use http_port (
- Adding VMware ESX specific boot options (
- Merge stable into master (
- Fix cobbler_web authentication in a way that doesn't break previously working
stuff (
- Allow qemu disk type to be specified. Contributed by Galia Lisovskaya
- Merge remote branch 'jsabo/esx' (
- Fix a bug where we were not looking for the syslinux provided menu.c32 before
going after the getloaders one (
- Fix cobbler_web authentication in a way that doesn't break previously working
stuff (
- More preparation for the release (
- Update spec file for release (
- Update changelog for release (
- Bugfix: fetch extra metadata from upstream repositories more safely
- Bugfix: allow the creation of subprofiles again (
- Don't warn needlessly when repo rpm_list is empty (
- Bugfix: run createrepo on partial yum mirrors (
- Change default mode for new directories from 0777 to 0755
- Fix replication when prune is specified and no systems are specified. This
prevents us from killing systems on a slave that keeps its own systems. To
get the old behavior, just specify a systems list that won't match anything.
- Always authorize the CLI (
- Bugfix: fetch extra metadata from upstream repositories more safely
- Bugfix: allow the creation of subprofiles again (
- Don't warn needlessly when repo rpm_list is empty (
- Bugfix: run createrepo on partial yum mirrors (
- Change default mode for new directories from 0777 to 0755
- Fix replication when prune is specified and no systems are specified. This
prevents us from killing systems on a slave that keeps its own systems. To
get the old behavior, just specify a systems list that won't match anything.
- Always authorize the CLI (
- Merge branch 'wsgi' (
- Adding VMware ESX 4 update 1 support (
- remove references to apt support from the man page (
- wsgi: Service cleanup. (
- wsgi: Revert to old error handling. (
- wsgi: Switch Cobbler packaging/config from mod_python to mod_wsgi. (dgoodwin
- wsgi: Return 404 when hitting svc URLs for missing objects. (dgoodwin@rm-
- Merge branch 'master' into wsgi (
- wsgi: First cut of port to mod_wsgi. (
- Mar 17 2011 - 2.1.0
- (FEAT) enhanced config mgmt capabilities
- (BUGF) add a check to make sure system is in obj_types before removing it
- (BUGF) fix for keep_ssh_host_keys snippet on Fedora 13+
- (BUGF) re-enable debian/ubuntu support
- (BUGF) fix compatibility problem with cheetah >= 2.4.2
- (BUGF) fix for trac #541 - cobbler sync deletes /var/www/cobbler/pub
- (BUGF) fix for trac #587 - Un-escaped '$' in snippet silently fails to render
- (BUGF) copy memtest to $bootloc/images/. Fixes BZ#663307
- (FEAT) allow dlcontent to use proxy environment variables
- (FEAT) implement system power status API method and CLI command
- (FEAT) add manage_rsync option which defaults to 0
- (FEAT) add --sync-all option to cobbler replicate
- (BUGF) fix trac#574 memtest
- (BUGF) fix for trac #509/#510 -- can't build iso with web UI
- (FEAT) add VMware ESX and ESXi support
- (FEAT) add FreeBSD support (includes pytftpd)
- (FEAT) add batch delete option for profiles and mgmtclasses
- (BUGF) restore --no-fail functionality to CLI reposync
- (FEAT) add firstboot install trigger mode
- Dec 8 2010 - 2.0.9
- (BUGF) Install several templates that were needed
- (BUGF) Ensure kernel_path is expanded in pxe templates
- (BUGF) Place qemu_driver_type on other image creators that don't use it so they work
- Dec 3 2010 - 2.0.8
- (BUGF) Support EL6 and FC14 (and FC15)
- (FEAT) Ability to force path in koan to overwrite existing files
- (BUGF) Rename repos instead of deleting them
- (BUGF) True daemonize
- (BUGF) Debian cleanups
- (FEAT) Allow qemu disk type to be specified
- (BUGF) Close file descriptors so we don't leak listen ports
- (BUGF) Prefer ethtool over rhpl
- Nov 29 2010
- (FEAT) --force-path to overwrite virt-path file location
- Apr 27 2010 - 2.0.4
- (BUGF) fetch extra metadata from upstream repositories more safely
- (BUGF) allow the creation of subprofiles again
- (BUGF) don't warn needlessly when repo rpm_list is empty
- (BUGF) run createrepo on partial yum mirrors
- (BUGF) change default mode for new directories from 0777 to 0755
- (BUGF) fix replication pruning to not prune systems when inappropriate
- (BUGF) always authorize the CLI
- (BUGF) fix passthru auth Trac#549
- (BUGF) fix for spacewalk bug 529277
- (BUGF) fix umask so files are not world writable
- (BUGF) fix default pxe template to support default system record
- (BUGF) redo the PXE menuif a profile is removed
- (BUGF) properly escape snippets
- (FEAT) Support Mercurial (hg) for scm tracking
- Feb 15 2010 -
- (BUGF) Fix kernel command line parsing
- Feb 12 2010 - 2.0.3
- (FEAT) API Test Framework
- (FEAT) Cobbler4j Eclipse bindings
- (BUGF) Trac544 Create noarch and src repos
- (BUGF) Snippet Cleanups
- (FEAT) Cleanup Kickstart Generation
- (FEAT) Ability to include remote kickstart content
- (FEAT) Koan ability for remote kickstart content
- (BUGF) Trac547 Profile Creation in WebUI
- (BUGF) Trac520 Sort HTML Dropdown Lists
- (BUGF) Allow koan to use http urls for kernel/initrd
- (FEAT) Cobbler4j now uses maven to build
- (FEAT) Allow multiple kernel options with the same name
- (BUGF) Various logging cleanups
- (BUGF) Exit with proper error codes
- (BUGF) Fix multiselect fields in the WUI
- (BUGF) Trac550 stop leaking FDs in subprocess_call
- (BUGF) Trac566 link distros on replicate
- (BUGF) Trac563 Replace dos line endings with unix line endings when saving ksdata
- (FEAT) Support RHEL6 kernel sizes
- (BUGF) Preserve hardlinks on replicate
- Full List 2b3a4f960b564691ca9a0470f677bd902f60b021..b99401d4dc6cf7f6c010eecf6c5d235316b59f73
- Nov 23 2009 - 2.0.2
- (FEAT) Added support for Cobbler4j
- (FEAT) Added method for enabling autostart on qemu domains
- (BUGF) web ui: move sessions directory to /var
- (BUGF) Update the vlanpattern regex to cover more common virtual interface formats
- (BUGF) cobbler check: fix BIND detection
- (BUGF) Fix error message creating profile without a distro
- (BUGF) use proper HTTP error codes
- (BUGF) Create more intuitive system for displaying actions under configuration items.
- (BUGF) Fixed hardlinking
- (BUGF) Creating subprofile in WebUI no longer fails on default_ownership
- (BUGF) No longer delete excluded files in reposync rsync
- (BUGF) Add fedora12 and fedora13 as valid 'redhat' versions
- (BUGF) Correct improper distro creation while importing i386 Fedora/RHEL.
- (BUGF) Better messaging for invalid object errors
- (BUGF) Added a legacy sync mechanism
- (BUGF) No longer bundle libraries on distros where they are already available
- Sep 18 2009 - 2.0.1
- (BUGF) Fixes for image based CLI usage and object validation
- (BUGF) Fix koan check for images ... they don't need a kickstart
- (BUGF) Get NFS image mounting working again
- (BUGF) Show object name on cobbler-web edit pages
- (BUGF) Make memtest integration look in the right file locations
- (BUGF) Fix check for dhcpd installation
- (BUGF) Fix code to detect dhcpd config file installation
- (BUGF) Cleaned up generated comments in settings files
- (BUGF) Unhide per-system post-install kernel options
- (BUGF) Unhide owners fields
- (BUGF) Fix "cobbler profile/system dumpvars" command
- (BUGF) Remove acl_engine reference from authz_configfile
- (BUGF) Add "View Kickstart" link back on profile list page
- (FEAT) Very Experimental CouchDB serializer, off by default. Touch /etc/cobbler/use.couch
- (BUGF) Fix pagination for webapp
- (BUGF) Widen left column for webapp to better show controls
- (BUGF) Workaround older mod_python scoping bug with utils.uniquify
- (BUGF) Fix interface additions from web system edit page for new systems
- (BUGF) Make cobbler reposync --only=N sync only that repo
- (BUGF) Mark cobbler_web.conf config(noreplace) in the RPM specfile
- (BUGF) Have cobbler check look for more SELinux things to do
- (BUGF) Fix saving of "static" network field in webapp
- (BUGF) Deepcopy interfaces to prevent copying of interface data
- Sep 17 2009 - for 2.0 release
- Development release start
- (FEAT) add two new default flags to yum reposync (-m and -d) for grabbing comps automatically and also deleting duplicate RPMs
- (BUGF) validate gateway input against python-netaddr
- (FEAT) --kopts="~foo" --in-place can be used to delete a hash entry without affecting the others, not to be confused with "!foo" to supress it.
- (FEAT) web app moves to Django
- (FEAT) koan: Support for virt-autoboot feature (Xen only at this point, needs fixing)
- (FEAT) koan: use private address range for random MACs
- (FEAT) yum createrepo flags are now tweakable in settings
- (FEAT) new snippet for RHN Hosted: keep RHN keys between reinstalls
- (FEAT) allow per_distro snippets in addition to per_profile/per_system
- (BUGF) don't add port number to http_server if it's 80.
- (FEAT) support F11 fence-agent paths
- (BUGF) koan autodetection now can gather MACs/IPs for bridged interfaces better
- (FEAT) F11 and RAID support for keep_ssh_host_keys
- (FEAT) keep_ssh_host_keys gets F11+RAID support
- (FEAT) per-task logging
- (BUGF) validateks checkes /every/ kickstart, as different variables may be present
- (FEAT) CLI now speaks XMLRPC (faster)
- (FEAT) task engine for webapp
- (FEAT) background APIs for all actions
- (FEAT) look at ksdevice when building buildiso CDs to add the proper network lines
- (BUGF) don't use RPM to check os_version, so RPM won't be called in rpm %post
- (BUGF) deprecated omapi/omshell features for manage_isc now removed
- (FEAT) removed configuration files for binary paths, will look for in PATH
- (FEAT) removed configuration settings indicating where some config files are
- (FEAT) yum priorities plugin setting for distro repos now tweakable in settings
- (BUGF) unfinished contrib. debian import/repo support disabled until it can be finished
- (FEAT) replicate is now greatly improved and smarter
- (BUGF) aclengine (unfinished feature) removed, (not the same as aclsetup)
- - 1.6.9
- (FEAT/cobbler) cobbler can now pass the virtio26 os version to virtinst, so virtio drivers can be used for RHEL5
.3 for instance
- (BUGF/cobbler) The URL to the WebUI documentation in the manpage was corrected
- (BUGF/cobbler) add the --nameserver option for static interfaces when defined (snippet fix)
- 1.6.7
- (BUGF/koan) Workaround for a bug in ybin, use --verbose for happy return codes
- (BUGF/cobbler) patch to redhat_register for Satellite
1.6.6 (for more accurate listing, see release16 branch)
- (BUGF) don't use -m option for drac unless power_id is set
- (BUGF) don't run createrepo on reposync'd repos, it is redundant
- (BUGF) fix error message when wrong virt ram value is applied
- (FEAT) koan now partially works in source code form on EL 2
- (FEAT) discover repomd filenames (for F11 and later)
- (BUGF) Satellite also has a python module named "server" so we have to remove ours for Python imports. This code was not used anyway.
- (BUGF) fix typo in network config snippet
- ... - 1.6.5
- (BUGF) don't use json on python x<=2.3 since we know it's simplejson x<2.0, which has unicode issues
- (FEAT) support F-11 imports
- (BUGF) don't add koan virtual interfaces for vlan tagged interfaces
- (BUGF) pair PAE and non-PAE content in imports better
- (BUGF) don't try to scp /etc/cobbler/*.ks on replicate, this is an old path
- (BUGF) set proper umask on .mtime files
- (BUGF) fix koan error with unspecified arch using --kexec
- (BUGF) don't use --onboot=on in network config for kickstart for RHEL 3.
- (FEAT) koan can be built on EL-2
- Fri May 8 2009 - 1.6.4
- (BUGF) empty nameserver search paths now don't screw up resolv.conf
- (BUGF) unicode fix for --template-files feature
- (BUGF) mod python input fix for repo/profile associations in webapp
- (BUGF) change "hostname" to "option hostname" in dhcp.template
- (BUGF) fixes for unicode problem with Cheetah, repos, and json
- (BUGF) unicode fix for --template-files feature
- (BUGF) another unicode fix
- (BUGF) bonding interface setup for RHEL4 now works
- (BUGF) generate DHCP info even if netboot is disabled
- (BUGF) Change to network_config snippet to ignore bond masters to prevent anaconda failures when MAC addresses are not specified
- (BUGF) fix to CLI rename deleting subobjects via cobblerd (important!)
- (BUGF) fix blender cache problem with using dnsnames instead of record names (ISC DHCP management)
- (BUGF) quote host name in stock ISC template
- XXX - 1.6.3
- (BUGF) import with datestamp 0 when .discinfo is not found, do not crash
- (BUGF) various fixes to "cobbler report" when using non-standard formats
- (BUGF) rename with same name does not delete
- (BUGF) Fix for traceback when generating DHCP config and the bonding_master interface does not exist.
- (BUGF) remove trailing newline from tokens
- (BUGF) fix unicode handling of some fields under EL4
- (BUGF) fix webui search error (fixed better on devel)
- (BUGF) fix duplicate power reference
- (BUGF) fix error message that makes it appear dnsmasq had a problem restarting, when it did not
- (BUGF) spec requires python-urlgrabber
- (BUGF) change settings default from 'ksdevice=eth0' to 'bootif'
- (BUGF) keep DHCP restart quiet
- (BUGF) better hostname setting with DHCP management on
- (BUGF) fix bug in repo breed auto-detection code
- (BUGF) close file descriptors by using subprocess, not os.system
- (BUGF) make cobbler package Arch for now, require syslinux where it makes sense only. To be changed in later release to download it from intertubes.
- Mon Mar 30 2009 - 1.6.2
- (BUGF) Fix for cache cleanup problem in cobblerd
- Fri Mar 27 2009 - 1.6.1
- (FEAT) Improved anaconda monitoring code
- (FEAT) download comps.xml always (even if yum does not have the option)
- (FEAT) performance upgrades for cobblerd service to avoid reloads
- (FEAT) more code for s390 imports (WIP)
- (BUGF) import works better with rawhide
- (FEAT) snippet to preserve SSH host keys across reinstalls
- (FEAT) email trigger to notify when builds finish
- (FEAT) triggers now are written in Python, old system still exists.
- (FEAT) s390x zpxe support
- (BUGF) retry power 5 times before giving up
- (BUGF) fix for RHEL3 ppc imports
- (FEAT) use nameserver variable in network config in Anaconda when set
- (BUGF) sleep 5 seconds between power cycling systems
- (FEAT) support for /usr/bin/cobbler-register
- (FEAT) web UI search feature
- (FEAT) very simple "cobbler hardlink" command to optimize space in /var/www/cobbler
- (FEAT) new "change" trigger that runs on all adds/edits/removes/syncs
- (FEAT) an SCM trigger that knows about /var/lib/cobbler kickstarts, snippets, and config directories, and audits them for changes
- (BUGF) update ctime on object copies
- (BUGF) fix cobbler check code that makes sure default password is not in use
- (BUGF) remove duplicate text box for management classes from server edit page
- (BUGF) fix stderr output on Ctrl+C
- (BUGF) potential performance savings WRT duplicate python objects
- (BUGF) don't deserialize during sync, it makes it take twice as long
- (FEAT) Ubuntu support for import (added/improved)
- (BUGF) make DHCP managemnet work with bonding
- (BUGF) teach serializer_catalog to fly with JSON
- (BUGF) don't use yumdownloader when rpm_list is []
- (BUGF) fix default kickstart location
- (BUGF) properly "flatten" environment values for webapp
- (BUGF) fix for MSIE rendering in web app
- (BUGF) stop yumdownloader including system yum repos
- (DOCS) update webui project page link
- (BUGF) remove caching logic from
- (FEAT) added --exclude-dns option to buildiso
- (BUGF) fix string comparisons to tolerate unicode
- (BUGF) fix dealing with name servers and name servers search, esp in web app
- Tue Mar 3 2009 - 1.4.3
- (BUGF) fix OMAPI support's (note: deprecated) usage of subprocess
- (BUGF) don't traceback on invalid cmd ("cobbler distro list --name=foo")
- (BUGF) fix import usage with --kickstart option (no more traceback)
- (BUGF) fix removal of images with child system objects
- (BUGF) make --rpmlist on repo use same parsing routes as the rest of cobbler
- (BUGF) default value for server override should be <<inherit>> not <inherit>
- (BUGF) ensure if virt bridge is set to "" it will apply the value from settings
- (BUGF) cobbler check should say path to config file is /etc/cobbler, not /var/lib
- (FEAT) enable cobblerweb username/pass logins when authing with spacewalk
- (BUGF) allow --kopts to take parameters that are shell quoted.
- (BUGF) allow kernel options to start with '-'
- (BUGF) Use shlex for parsing --kopts to allow a wider variety of kernel options
- (BUGF) prevent potential traceback when --template-file data isn't a hash
- (BUGF) anaconda doesn't honor nameserver always, set manually
- (BUGF) various post install network snippet fixes
- (BUGF) fix OMAPI support's (note: deprecated) usage of subprocess
- (SPEC) fix build for rawhide now that yaboot is included
- (BUGF) allow src and noarch arches for repo objects
- (BUGF) move to PyYAML for YAML implementation since it is better maintained
- (BUGF) fixed web-interface editing of ownership
- (BUGF) fixed web-interface editing of management classes
- (BUGF) don't run full sync in import, sync makes the install system unavailable for very short periods of time
- (FEAT) XMLRPC functions for searching objects, just like the Python API has
- (BUGF) make "find repo" CLI command search repos, not systems
- XXX - 1.4.2
- (BUGF) fix WTI power templates
- (FEAT) add WTI power type
- (BUGF) remove Python 2.6/3000 warnings
- (BUGF) fix typo in network template (DNS enumeration)
- (BUGF) make buildiso work for systems that are using bonding
- (BUGF) blending fix for --template-files
- (BUGF) cobbler check ignores comments in TFTP config
- (BUGF) fix image type field editing in the webapp
- (BUGF) allow deletion of eth0 if other interfaces are present
- (BUGF) fix server-override setting in CLI for profile objects
- (BUGF) systems and profiles are now sorted for "cobbler buildiso"
- (BUGF) ensure that directories exist when installing a template file
- (BUGF) fix for typo in network config snippet
- (BUGF) fix for func integration script (should overwrite config, not append)
- (BUGF) append nameservers and gateway, if set, for buildiso
- Fri Jan 09 2009 - 1.4.1
- (BUGF) Cobbler check looks for right httpd on SUSE
- (BUGF) post_install_network_config snippet had bash errors
- (BUGF) don't run restorecon programatically
- (FEAT) have cobbler check mention when semanage rules should be applied
- (BUGF) fix an obscure xmlrpclib corner case where a string that looks like an int can't be served because xmlrpclib thinks it's an int. Applies to XMLRPC consumers only, not CobblerWeb or the cobbler CLI.
- (BUGF) fix external kickstart URLs (not templated) and per-system overrides.
- (BUGF) fix 'cobbler check' code for SuSE services
- (FEAT) batch editing on the system page.
- Fri Dec 19 2008 - 1.4
- (----) Stable release of 1.3 development branch
- Fri Dec 19 2008 - 1.3
- (FEAT) ACLs to extend authz (see Wiki)
- (FEAT) puppet integration with --mgmt-classes and external nodes URL
- (FEAT) added puppet external nodes script, cobbler-ext-nodes
- (FEAT) ability to use --enable-menu=0/1 to hide profiles from the PXE menu, and config setting to change default value for --enable-menu
- (FEAT) added livecd based physical machine cloner script to "contrib"
- (FEAT) enable import for debian ISOs and mirrors (1 distro at a time for now)
- (FEAT) auto-create rescue profile objects
- (FEAT) included network_config snippet and added --static=0/1 to system objects
- (FEAT) cobbler report gains additional options for Wiki formatting, csv, and showing only certain fields
- (FEAT) changed default kernel options to include ksdevice=bootif (not ksdevice=eth0) and added ipappend 2 to PXE
- (FEAT) distro edits now no longer require a sync to rebuild the PXE menu
- (BUGF) minor tweak to the blender function to remove a certain class of typing errors where a string is being blended with a list, should not have any noticable effect on existing installs
- (BUGF) add missing import of "_" in
- (FEAT) upgraded webui editing for multiple NICs
- (FEAT) "template_universe" variable created for snake's usage, variable contains all template variables and is also passed to the template.
- (FEAT) refactored import with better Debian/Ubuntu support
- (FEAT) Func integration snippets and new settings
- (FEAT) settings file and modules.conf now generated by using templates
- (FEAT) --template-files makes cobbler more of a full config management system!
- (FEAT) cobbler reposync now supports --tries=N and --no-fail
- (FEAT) duplicate hostname prevention, on by default
- (FEAT) make import work for Scientific Linux
- (FEAT) distro remove will remove mirrored content when it's safe to do so
- (FEAT) repo remove will remove mirrored repo content
- (FEAT) added snippet for better post-install network configuration
- (BUGF) duplicate repo supression to prevent errors in certain Andaconda's
- (FEAT) post_network_snippet/interfaces can set up VLANs
- (FEAT) call unittests with nose, which offers cleaner output, see tests/README
- (FEAT) update included elilo to 3.8
- (BUGF) quote append line for elilo
- (BUGF) added ExcludeArch: ppc64
- (FEAT) --environment parameter added to reposync
- (BUGF) have triggers ignore dotfiles so directories can be version controlled (and so on)
- (FEAT) init scripts and specfiles now install on SuSE
- (TEST) added remote tests, moved existing unit tests to methods
- (FEAT) import can auto assign kickstarts based on distro (feature for beaker)
- (FEAT) import now saves the dot version of the OS in the comment field
- (FEAT) import now adds tree build time
- (FEAT) --comment field added to all objects
- (FEAT) keep creation and modification times with each object
- (FEAT) added ppc imports and arches to supplement s390x (and assoc koan chage)
- (FEAT) added number of interfaces required to each image
- ~~~ 1.3.2
- (BUGF) fix for possible import of insecure modules by Cheetah in Cobbler web.
- (FEAT) new version function
- (FEAT) misc WUI organization
- (FEAT) allow auth against multiple LDAP servers
- (FEAT) replicate now copies image objects
- (BUGF) replicate now uses higher level API methods to avoid some profile sync errors when distros fail
- (FEAT) /etc/cobbler/pxe and /etc/cobbler/power are new config file paths
- (FEAT) /var/lib/cobbler/kickstarts is the new home for kicktart files
- (FEAT) webui sidebar reorg
- (FEAT) manage_dhcpd feature (ISC) now checks service status before restarting
- (BUGF) omapi for manage_dhcp feature (ISC) now defaults to off
- (FEAT) added module whitelist to settings file
- (BUGF) don't let the service handler connect to itself over mod_python/proxy, RH 5.3 does not like
- (FEAT) mtimes and ctimes and uids in the API
- (FEAT) new functions to get objects based on last modified time, for sync with other apps
- ~~~ 1.3.3 Test release
- (FEAT) Python 2.6 specfile changes
- ~~~ 1.3.X
- (FEAT) cobbler check output is always logged to /var/log/cobbler/check.log
- (FEAT) new redhat_register snippet and --redhat-management-key options!
- (BUGF) SELinux optimizations to symlink/hardlink/chcon/restorecon behavior
- (----) no SELinux support on EL 4
- (FEAT) yum_post_install_mirror now on by default
- ??? - 1.2.9
- (BUGF) do not allow unsafe Cheetah imports
- Wed Oct 15 2008 - 1.2.8
- (BUGF) make cobbler read /etc/cobbler/ (introduced in 1.2.6)
- Tue Oct 14 2008 - 1.2.7
- (BUGF) go easier on restrictings when importing subprofiles to prevent load errors
- (FEAT) added debuginator script to scripts/ (not shipped with RPM)
- Fri Oct 10 2008 - 1.2.6
- (BUGF) fix image vs system parentage problem affecting cobbler replicate
- (BUGF) fix restart-services trigger to not restart dns unneccessarily
- (BUGF) add missing variable newname to signature for remote copy_ functions
- (BUGF) fix for ownership ownership module when editing kickstarts
- Fri Sep 26 2008 - 1.2.5
- (BUGF) expose --arch for "cobbler image add"
- (BUGF) unbreak dnsmasq DHCP management, similar to ISC bug
- (BUGF) fix --arch for cobbler distro add/edit
- (BUGF) fix merge error with's remove_profile function (fix webapp)
- (BUGF) make keep_updated and mirror_locally checkboxes in WebUI display correctly
- Mon Sep 08 2008 - 1.2.4
- (BUGF) simple rebuild to remove, which is not in git
- Sun Sep 07 2008 - 1.2.3
- (BUGF) fix to code
- Fri Sep 05 2008 - 1.2.2
- (BUGF) fix to where elilo location is loaded in
- (BUGF) populate netboot_enabled in WebUI correctly
- (BUGF) make RPM own some unowned directories in "triggers"
- (BUGF) add named_conf setting to settings
- Tue Sep 02 2008 - 1.2.1
- (BUGF) fix merge problem with 1.2
- Fri Aug 29 2008 - 1.2.0
- (FEAT) All development work from 1.X merged in
- (FEAT) when --netboot-enabled is toggled, rather than deleting the PXE config, create a local boot PXE config
- (BUGF) disable some s390 aspects of cobbler check until it is supported
- (FEAT) new --os-version, better validation for --breed, --breed/--os-version also for images
- ??? - 1.1.1
- (FEAT) make template replacement use regex module
- (BUGF) remove bootloader check in settings as that code doesn't need it
- (BUGF) refinements to image handling
- (FEAT) getks command added to command line
- (BUGF) don't print traceback during certain SystemExits
- (BUGF) --help now works more intuitively on odd command line usage
- (BUGF) use pxesystem for systems, not pxeprofile
- (FEAT) make Cheetah formatting errors contain help text for users
- (FEAT) --kopts-post can configure post-install kernel options
- (BUGF) subtemplates are now errorCatcher Echo compatible
- ??? - 1.1.0
- devel branch
- added cobbler aclsetup command for running cobbler as non-root
- added cobbler find command to do searches from the command line
- fix mkdir invocation
- improved cobbler replicate, it now can rsync needed files
- further templatize ISC dhcp config file (pay attention to /etc/cobbler/dhcp.template.rpmnew !)
- fix for NFS imported URLs during kickstart generation
- added yumreposync_flags to settings, default "-l" for use plugins
- added an extra mkdir for rhn's reposync, though I believe the -l cures it already
- allow mod python bits to work via non-80 http ports
- when mirroring repos, act as 686 not 386 to get all the kernel updates
- upgrades to cobbler buildiso
- added patch to allow --in-place editing of ksmeta/kopts
- added patch to allow multiple duplicate kernel options
- fix kickstart serving when the tree is on NFS
- s390x import, added support for s390x "pseudo-PXE" trees
- added support for tracking image objects and virtual ISO images
- support for multiple copies of the same kernel option in kopts
- add cobbler bash completion script
- fix bug with 255 kernel options line warning not firing soon enough
- add findks.cgi support back as http://server/cblr/svc/op/findks
- merge patch to surface status over API
- make yum repos served up for /etc/yum.repos.d fully dynamic (mod_python)
- cobbler find API calls and command line usage can now use fnmatch (wildcards)
- return code cleanup (0/1 now more predictable)
- added comments to /etc/cobbler/modules.conf
- during import non-xen kernels will default --virt-type to qemu
- when editing/adding profiles, auto-rebuild the PXE menu
- added (or profiles, etc)
- in the webui, only show compatible repos when editing a profile
- refresh cobblerd cache before adding objects
- system object IP's ok in CIDR notation (AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD/EE) for defining PXE behavior.
- split partition select template into two parts (old one still ships)
- cleanup some stock kickstarts so we always use $kickstart_start
- hook ctrl+c during serializer writes to prevent possible corruption of data in /var/lib/cobbler
- added 'serializer_catalog' as the new default serializer. It is backward compatible and much faster.
- removed serializer_shelve
- webui page lookups don't load the full object collection
- systems can also inherit from images
- changes to PXE images directly
- bootloaders is no longer a config file setting
- we can now look for syslinux in one of two places (/usr/lib, /usr/share)
- cobbler hardlinks a bit more when it can for /var/www image copies
- add Xen FV and VMware virt types to WebUI
- Thu Jul 17 2008 - 1.0.4 (tentative)
- Backported findks.cgi to mod_python, minor mod_python svc handler changes
- Wed Jun 03 2008 - 1.0.3
- Fix typo in replicate code
- remove rhpl reference
- scrub references to manage_*_mode and rewrite the restart-services trigger
- add new settings to control whether the restart-trigger restarts things
- yum reposync should also pull i686 kernels, not just i386
- make cobblerd close file handles
- fix kickstart serving when the tree is on NFS
- fix missing reposync createdir (also now in stable branch)
- add back missing remove_profile/remove_repo
- remove profile_change support
- Mon Jun 09 2008 - 1.0.2
- Fix mkdir invocation
- Fix error message output from failed kickstart rendering
- manpage edits
- make buildiso work for SuSE
- Tue Jun 03 2008 - 1.0.1
- Fix misformatted warning in "check"
- Do not have RPM own tftpboot, just generate files in TFTP dir as detected
- Default arches to 'i386' not 'x86' for consistency, esp. in import
- When querying kickstart templates, do not return directories
- Make triggers for add/delete work for renames and copies (same triggers)
- Do not cache snippets so they can be tweaked w/o starting the service
- Make manpage reference /etc/cobbler/settings, not /var/lib
- Added manage_forward_zones/manage_reverse_zones to included config file
- Fix python double-use-of-parameter error
- Mon May 12 2008 - 0.9.2
- run createrepo with less preconditions during cobbler reposync
- doc upgrades and error handling for "cobbler replicate"
- improved error message that occurs when copying from nfs w/ rootsquash
- mac duplication checking improvements for CLI
- add warning to cobbler check if selinux is on and Apache boolean not set
- added warning to cobbler check if templates use the default password
- setting per-system kickstart template to "" or "delete" restores inheritance
- if repos in profiles no longer exist, remove noisy warning, move to "check"
- move warning about reposync to check also (check is more useful at runtime now)
- build pxe trees for systems even if interface0 is undefined
- add sync() back into XMLRPC API, missing in 0.9.1
- added 'distro_name', 'profile_name', and 'system_name' to generated template vars
- it's now possible to undefine a --ksmeta or kopts symbol defined in a parent with "!foo"
- log errors while rendering kickstarts
- comments added to the config file, neat!
- settings file is now /etc/cobbler/settings
- Fri May 09 2008 - 0.9.1
- patch to allow yumopts to override gpgcheck
- applied patch to send hostname from ISC
- added patch to allow --kopts/--ksmeta items to be cleared with --kopts=delete
- tftpboot location is now inferred from xinetd config (added for F9 compat)
- added authn_ldap and stub for authz_configfile
- authz_configfile allows filtering ldap/other users by config file
- WebUI now has checkbox on distro/profile for deleting child objects
- cli has different semantics between "add" and "edit" now for safety reasons
- cobbler wants to keep IPs/MACs unique now in configuration (can be disabled)
- added --clobber option to allow add to overwrite existing objects (for scripts)
- updated/tested kerberos support for those needing to auth against it
- update menu.c32 to 3.62 to allow for timeouts during menu (and future submenu)
- update PXE defaults to invoke menu.c32 automatically w/ timeout
- removed dependency on rhpl
- import can now take an --arch (and is recommended usage)
- now possible to override snippets on a profile/system specific basis
- provide a different default sample kickstart for imports of F8 and later
- support for kerberos authentication
- revamped pre/post install triggers system (triggered via cgi from kickstart wget)
- logrotate should not send emails to root when restarting services
- default core (but not repo add) repos to priority 1 (lowest) if using priorities plugin
- change default authentication to deny_all, xmlrpc_rw_enabled now on by default
- additional fix for mod_python select box submissions
- set repo arch if found in the URL and no --arch is specified
- CGI scripts have been moved under mod_python for speed/consolidation
- kickstart templates are now evaluated dynamically
- optional MAC registration is now built-in to requesting kickstarts
- legacy static file generation from /var/www/cobbler removed
- implement "cobbler ___ dumpvars --name=X" feature to show template vars
- validateks now works against all URLs as opposed to rendered local files
- now possible to create new kickstarts in webui, and delete unused ones
- support for OMAPI for avoid dhcp restarts
- support for managing BIND
- xen kernel (PV) distros do not get added to PXE menus as they won't boot there
- cobbler buildiso command to build non live ISOs
- cobbler replicate command
- added cobbler repo option --mirror-locally to reference external repos without mirroring
- all virt parameters on profiles can now be overriden on cobbler profile objects
- added some additional links for kickstart viewing/editing to the web page
- ??? - 0.8.3
- Make createrepo get run for local cobbler reposync invocations as needed
- fix WebUI documentation URL
- fix bug in /etc/cobbler/modules.conf regarding pluggable authn/z
- fix default flags for yumdownloader
- fix for RHEL 4u6 DVD/tree import x86_64 arch detection
- fix for dnsmasq template file host config path
- fix dnsmasq template to point at the correct hosts file
- force all names to be alphanumeric
- all mod python pieces now happy with Unicode output
* Fri Feb 22 2008 - 0.8.2
- fix to webui to allow repos to be edited there on profile page
- disable local socket XMLRPC as nothing is using it.
- fixed findks.cgi so it supports multiple NICs
- import now supports both --path and --mirror as aliases, as before
- added change_profile.cgi for changing profiles from CGI
- added register_mac.cgi
* Wed Feb 20 2008 - 0.8.1
- bugfix in reposync code
- don't print tracebacks on SystemExit from optparse
- manpage tweaks
* Fri Feb 15 2008 - 0.8.0 (TBD)
- stable release of 0.7.* branch plus ...
- fixed potential user problem with source_repos in upgrade scenario
- additional higher level API functions for find, fixes for other higher level API functions
- better messaging when insufficient permissions on needed files
- update permissions on reposync fixes
* Thu Jan 31 2008 - 0.7.2 (0.8 rc)
- default_virt_file_size and default_virt_ram added to settings
- enforce permissions/selinux context after reposync
- better API for copying/renames, API consistancy cleanup
- support for renames that resolve dependencies, inclusion in CLI+webapp
- remove leading newline in rendered template files, which apparently breaks AutoYAST?
- recursive syncs automatically sync all subobjects when editing parent objects (default behavior)
- deletes can now be done recursively (optional --recursive on distro/profile remove)
- 'cobbler list' is now (re)sorted
* Wed Jan 09 2008 - 0.7.1
- allow imports to force usage of a specific kickstart template with --kickstart
- added --yumopts parameter to repos (works just like --kopts/--ksmeta)
- minor doc fixes
- fix for name of F8 comps.xml file
- added option --rsync-flags to import command
- added http_port to settings to run Apache on non-80
- rsync during createrepo now keeps filesystem permissions/groups
- ...
* Mon Dec 10 2007 - 0.7.0
- Testing branch
- Fix bug related to <<inherit>> and kickstart args
- Make CLI functions modular and use optparse
- Quote wget args to avoid creating stray files on target system
- Support Xen FV as virt type (requires F8+)
- Implemented fully pluggable authn/authz system
- WebUI is now mod_python based
- Greatly enhanced logging (goes to /var/log/cobbler/cobbler.log)
- ...
* Wed Nov 14 2007 - 0.6.4
- Changed permissions of auth.conf
- Fixes for working with rhn_yum_plugin
- still allow repo configuration for distro repos that have just 1 repo (like C5.1)
- disable CGI weblogging by default (backend logging TBA)
- fix WebUI handling of keep_updated (repo field) and netboot_enabled (system field)
- disable the blender_cache as it's running afoul of the sync code
- update htaccess file to only authenticate the webui, not nopxe.cgi and findks.cgi
* Wed Nov 07 2007 - 0.6.3
- Be able to define and use Multiple NICs per system
- Add --virt-cpus to profile editing
- Fix bug where WUI (XMLRPC) auth wasn't supported on EL4
- Add --virt-bridge to profile editing and NICs
- Added serializer_shelve (as option) for added performance/persistance over YAML, experimental in /etc/cobbler/modules.conf, see Wiki
- Backup state files and migrate state structures upon RPM upgrade
- Added some more redundant files (for unsupported distros) to the rsync.exclude file
- added pre-sync and post-sync triggers, service restarts are now handled by /var/lib/cobbler/triggers
- webui now uses htaccess (see manpage and Wiki for setup instructions)
- added pagination to the WUI to keep pages from growing overly long
- added --server-override parameter for help with multi-subnet configurations (also see Wiki)
- removed yum-utils as a hard requirement, cobbler check now looks for yum-utils
- fixed bug where cobbler would try to copy hardlinks to themselves during sync
- misc random bugfixing
* Fri Sep 28 2007 - 0.6.2
- cobbler repo auto-add to discover yum repos automatically
- fix bug that allows empty mac addresses (None) in dhcpd.conf
- kickstarts automatically save kickstart file used to /root/cobbler.ks
- allow multiple (comma-seperated) values for --virt-size
- removed deprecated 'enchant' function (use SSH and koan instead)
- cleanup of a few unused settings
- allow for serialization modules to be selected in /etc/cobbler/modules.conf
- patch to allow for reposync of specific repos, even if not set to update
- added --dhcp-tag section for better DHCP customization (esp with multiple subnets)
- added Apache proxying around XMLRPC port for wider network access
- refactor XMLRPC API and establish a read-write API
- allow for configuring of read-write XMLRPC users in /etc/cobbler/auth.conf
- WebUI
- packaged /var/lib/cobbler/settings as a config file
- added BuildRequires to help build on other platforms
- relocate cgi-bin files to cgi-bin/cobbler for namespacing
- fix syslog logging for systems not in the cobbler DB.
- fix bug in which non-lowercase intermediate objects could be deleted
* Thu Aug 30 2007 - 0.6.1
- re enable --resolve in yumdownloader (cobbler repo mgmt feature)
- fix get_distros_for_koan API function in cobblerd (not used by koan)
- allow find API to search by arbitrary fields
- status and logging now shows system names
- upgraded init scripts
- zeroconf/avahi publishing for cobblerd service
- logRequests = 0 for XMLRPC. Make it be quiet.
- ignore subdirectories of /var/lib/cobbler/snippets
- fixed bug in graph rendering that allowed for upward property propogation in some cases
- fixed bug that did not correctly evaluate repository settings of inherited sub-profiles/objects
- tweaked domU sample kickstart to include wget
- added some more unit tests
- fix typo down one error path in cobbler sync.
- fix reposync handling when using rsync protocol and directory paths do not contain arch
- allow basic usage of Cheetah variables in config files @@server@@, etc.
- fix auto-repo attachment for distros with split trees (i.e. RHEL5)
* Thu Aug 09 2007 - 0.6.0
- bugfix in error path in "cobbler check"
- stable release for 0.5.x
* Thu Jul 26 2007 - 0.5.2 (RC)
- Have cobbler check ensure services are started
- Add cobbler validateks command to look for broken rendered kickstarts
- Added -v/--version
- Added SNIPPET::foo capability to pull /var/lib/cobbler/snippets/foo into templates (anywhere)
- Import can now take an --available-as=nfs://server:/mount/point to do cobbler import without mirroring
- Feature to enable "pxe_just_once" for boot loop prevention
* Fri Jul 20 2007 - 0.5.1
- Added logging for cobblerd -- /var/log/cobbler/cobblerd.log
- Cobblerd now ignores XMLRPC IOError
- Added findks.cgi
- Misc bugfixing
- Added --virt-path, --virt-type
* Wed Jun 24 2007 - 0.5.0
- Remove hardcode of /var/www/cobbler in cobblerd
- Improve various warning warning messages
- cobbler (objecttype) (objectname) now gives info about the object instead of just all objects
- Added --hostname to "cobbler system add", --ip-address (or --ip) is also a better alias for the misnamed --pxe-address
- Optionally use dnsmasq for DHCP (and DNS!) instead of ISC dhcpd.
- Add --mac and remove requirement for --name to be an ip, mac, or hostname.
- Manpage cleanup
- Patch to allow pre and post triggers
- Patch to allow --createrepo-flags and to cache on import, fix multiple calls to createrepo
- Various modifications to allow for profile inheritance
- All variables in object tree now available for use in templating, nicer blending algorithms
- Optional override of --kickstart in system object
* Thu Apr 26 2007 - 0.4.8
- Make import friendlier for older distros
- Make import friendlier for newer createrepos that don't have --basedir
* Fri Apr 20 2007 - 0.4.7
- Disable mod_python tracker piece for RHEL5 (replacement eventual).
- Kickstart tracking now understands Apache logs
- Added support for --rpm-list parameter to "repo add" for download of partial content from repositories
(ex: cobbler and koan from FC6extras, w/o games).
- More consistant naming on imports, regardless of data source.
- Teach cobbler to remove .olddata dirs, which can happen if createrepo crashes or is killed mid-process
- Default yum_core_repos_from_server to 0
- Implemented triggers for add/delete commands
- BootAPI and Config object classes are now Borg patterned to prevent duplication of config info from the API.
- cobbler_syslogd -> cobblerd, now has XMLRPC component for koan >= 0.2.9 clients. Old clients still work.
- Make cobbler_import work for Centos 5
- Removed requirements on what files that are parameters to --kernel and --initrd must be named.
- Added support for "rename", "copy", and "edit" commands -- before there just was "add" and "remove"
* Thu Apr 05 2007 - 0.4.6
- Bind cobbler_syslogd to all addresses
- Store repos as list, not string
- Fix traceback in cobbler_sync with older configurations (pre-kickstart tracking)
- Make cobbler import feature better understand older RHEL and in-between builds of Fedora.
- Make cobbler repo add/reposync understand http://, ftp://, and some limited support for RHN.
- Add settings parameter to toggle core repo mirror behavior on/off.
- Manpage cleanup.
* Fri Mar 23 2007 - 0.4.5
- Removed legacy --virt-name parameter, requires koan upgrade to 0.2.8
* Fri Mar 23 2007 - 0.4.4
- Generate PXE configuration files from templates in /etc/cobbler to be more customizable
- Fix bug with wrong kickstart metadata being used for import
- Fix bug with argument parsing for --repos
- Much cleaner distro/profile names with --import
- For import, the "tree" parameter is now attached to the distro, not the profile
- Add "links" directory in webdir for symlinking to full kickstart tree paths.
- Misc tweaks to shorten kernel parameter length
- Giving invalid arguments to "report" will show an error message
- Distros, Profiles, and System names are now case insensitive.
* Wed Feb 28 2007 - 0.4.3
- Added netboot_enabled option for systems to control install loops in programmatic context.
- Disabling anchors in YAML serialization (which make files harder to edit)
- Fix bug in ksmeta argument processing, takes whitespace again, not commas
- Fix bug in old-style deserialization with str and int concatenation
* Mon Feb 19 2007 - 0.4.2
- Fix bug in "cobbler system remove"
* Mon Feb 19 2007 - 0.4.1
- Bundle menu.c32 for older distros
- Unbundle Cheetah as it's available at
* Mon Feb 19 2007 - 0.4.0
- Added feature to minimize the need to run "cobbler sync" for add commands
Now only need to run sync when files change behind the scenes or when
manually editing YAML
- Moving back to Cheetah for templating (old kickstarts should escape $ with \$)
- PXE menus for the default profile. Type "menu" at the prompt to get a menu, or wait for local boot.
- Manpage cleanup and clarification
- Bugfix: cobbler will no longer create repo files on remotes when --local-filename is not used for "repo add"
* Mon Jan 28 2007 - 0.3.9
- Make init scripts correspond with FC-E guidelines
* Thu Jan 24 2007 - 0.3.8
- Fixed minor bug in logfile processing related to 0.3.7
* Thu Jan 24 2007 - 0.3.7
- Default/examples kickstarts are now fully automatic (added hd type/size detection).
- Kickstart tracking now includes remote syslog support, just run "cobbler sync" to enable.
- "cobbler status" command improved to include syslog info/times.
- Added fc6 kickstart file that was left out of the RPM earlier
- Added mini domU kickstart
- bugfix: don't install mod_python watcher on older Apache installs (like RHEL4) as it
somehow corrupts downloads on older copies. kickstart tracking by syslog still works
on those platforms. (This only applies to the cobbler server, not clients).
* Thu Dec 21 2006 - 0.3.6
- locking feature now enabled
- "enchant" now supports provisioning virtual images remotely when using --is-virt=yes
- cobbler no longer restarts httpd if the config file already exists.
- "cobbler repo sync" is now an alias for "cobbler reposync"
- "cobbler list --something" can now be invoked as "cobbler something list"
- "cobbler list" just shows names of items now
- "cobbler report" is now used for showing full information output
- "list" (as well as report) are now sorted alphabetically
- basic kickstart tracking feature. requests on /var/www/cobbler get logged to /var/log/cobbler.
* Wed Dec 20 2006 - 0.3.5
- Fixed bug in cobbler import related to orphan detection
- Made default rsync.exclude more strict (OO langpacks and KDE translation)
- Now runs createrepo during "cobbler import" to build more correct repodata
- Added additional repo mirroring commands: "cobbler repo add", etc
- Documentation on repo mirroring features.
- fix bug in rsync:// import code that saved distributions in the wrong path
- The --dryrun option on "cobbler sync" is now unsupported.
- Fixed bug in virt specific profile information not being used with koan
- import now takes --name in addition to --mirror-name to be more consistant
- rsync repo import shouldn't assume SSH unless no rsync:// in mirror URL
- strict host key checking disabled for "cobbler enchant" feature
* Mon Dec 05 2006 - 0.3.4
- Don't rsync PPC content or ISO's on cobbler import
- Manpage cleanup
* Tue Nov 14 2006 - 0.3.3
- During "cobbler sync" only PXE-related directories in /tftpboot
are deleted. This allows /tftpboot to be used for other
* Thr Oct 25 2006 - 0.3.2
- By default, boot and install in text mode
* Wed Oct 25 2006 - 0.3.1
- The app now refers to "virt" in many places instead of "xen".
It's been coded such that files will migrate forward without
any major issues, and the newer version of koan can still hit
older releases (for now). The CLI still takes the --xen options
as well as the new --virt options, as they are aliased. The API
now exclusively just uses methods with "virt" in them, however.
- ...
* Tue Oct 24 2006 - 0.3.0
- Reload httpd during sync
- New profiles without set kickstarts default to /etc/cobbler/default.ks
though this can be changed in /var/lib/cobbler/settings
- Better forward upgrades for /var/lib/cobbler/settings. New entries
get added when they are referenced.
* Tue Oct 24 2006 - 0.2.9
- Bug fix, enchant now detects if koan_path is not set
- import now can do ssh rsync as well as just rsyncd
- Misc bug fixes related to not choking on bad info
- Fixed bug where --pxe-address wasn't surfaced
- Sync is a little less verbose
* Wed Oct 18 2006 - 0.2.8
- Performance speedups to "import" command
- Bug fix, imported paths (again) convert slashes to underscores
* Tue Oct 17 2006 - 0.2.7
- Removed pexpect to enhance support for other distros
- enchant syntax changed (see NEWS)
- now builds on RHEL4
* Tue Oct 17 2006 - 0.2.6
- Removing Cheetah and replacing w/ simpler templating system
- Don't delete localmirror on sync
* Mon Oct 16 2006 - 0.2.5
- New "import" feature for rsync:// mirrors and filesystem directories
- Manpage clarification
- "enchant" is now a subcommand of "cobbler system" and takes less arguments.
- Several random bugfixes (mainly along error paths)
* Wed Oct 11 2006 - 0.2.4
- Changes to make things work with python 2.3 (RHEL4, etc)
- Updated YAML code to ensure better backward compatibility
* Mon Oct 9 2006 - 0.2.3
- Cobbler now creates a profile and system listing (YAML) in /var needed
by the next version of koan (which will be 0.2.1)
- bugfix: enchant should reboot the target box
- bugfix: enchant should fail if path to koan isn't configured
* Fri Oct 6 2006 - 0.2.2
- bugfix: "--pxe-hostname" made available in CLI and renamed as "--pxe-address"
- workaround: elilo doesn't do MAC address pxe config files, use IP for ia64
- bugfix: added next-server line for per-MAC dhcp configs
- bugfix: fixed manpage errors
* Thu Sep 28 2006 - 0.2.1
- New ability to "enchant" remote systems (see NEWS)
- Misc. bugfixes
* Fri Sep 22 2006 - 0.2.0
- New dhcp.d conf management features (see NEWS)
- IA64 support (see NEWS)
- dhcpd.conf MAC & hostname association features
* Thu Sep 21 2006 - 0.1.1-8
- (RPM) Added doc files to doc section, removed INSTALLED_FILES
* Wed Sep 20 2006 - 0.1.1-7
- Split HTTP and TFTP content to seperate directories
to enable running in SELinux targetted/enforcing mode.
- Make the Virt MAC address a property of a system, not a profile
- Misc. fixes, mainly along the error path
* Fri Sep 15 2006 - 0.1.1-6
- Make koan own it's directory, add GPL "COPYING" file.
* Wed Aug 16 2006 - 0.1.1-5
- Spec file tweaks only for FC-Extras
* Thu Jul 20 2006 - 0.1.1-4
- Fixed python import paths in yaml code, which errantly assumed yaml was installed as a module.
* Wed Jul 12 2006 - 0.1.1-3
- Added templating support using Cheetah
* Thu Jul 9 2006 - 0.1.0-2
- Fedora-Extras rpm spec tweaks
* Tue Jun 28 2006 - 0.1.0-1
- rpm genesis
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