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This applies to a system running cobbler-2.2.2-1.el5 on RedHat 5.8 (2.6.18-308.13.1.el5). Arch is x86_64. This could possibly affect other distributions/releases/archs, but I don't have time to confirm.

In the cobbler manpage, two params are questionable:

... [--ip=ipaddress] ... [--server-override=string]

1.) --ip should be shown as --ip-address. --ip is an invalid parameter. --ip-address works.

2.) --server-override (when used in the context of 'system' or 'profile' operations) returns:

cobbler: error: no such option: --server-override

As of yet, I have never been able to successfully execute a command involving --server-override=x.x.x.x (Where x.x.x.x is some IP used to override the default settings configuration for the cobbler IP). Yet the manpage suggests this is a valid option. I have attempted this option using quotes (and NOT using quotes) and I have also checked for things such as invalid characters, trailing spaces, etc.

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Updated man page pushed to master.

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