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Moio (Multiple-Occurrence I/O) is a library that provides composable abstractions for event-driven programming: producers and actors. The Producer monad is a generalisation of the IO monad that returns not just a single result at the end of its execution, but a potentially infinite stream of values distributed over time during its life. The Actor category is in essence a producer transformer, and it can also be seen as a further generalisation of Producer, because it can make use of an incoming stream of events besides outputting a stream. Given a Producer a and an Actor a b, we can construct a Producer b by feeding the output of the first producer into the actor. Thanks to the monadic interface, the structure of the event stream network can be entirely dynamic.


This repository contains three main directories:

  • lib: the cabalised, haddock-friendly library
  • examples: some application code built on top of the library with extra dependencies
  • model: a pure implementation of the library for testing purposes