How to contribute

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How to contribute?

Dream about how Cobertura could be! Drop us ideas about new Cobertura features and improvements to the mailing list!

  • check Cobertura Architecture page, so that your contribution aligns with those principles. If you have better ideas, discuss and submit them!
  • if submitting patches, always provide a test about it.
  • if thinking about new features, consider value it delivers to the project and in which cases it would be useful. Focus on value.

Do you have just some free minutes?

  • Contribute by fixing Findbugs and PMD issues
  • Add tests
  • Document code! Cobertura code has little javadocs, which makes it difficult for new people to get quickly involved in the project. Documenting code is a great way to learn and help others.
  • Help us fixing bugs
  • Implement new features

How can I contribute as a


  • Improve and modernize existing tests
  • Check our coverage reports and add more of them!
  • Bring new testing approaches and new kinds of tests: ex.: BDD, performance tests, etc.


  • help us fixing reported bugs as well as Findbugs and PMD issues
  • refactor existing code to make it more maintainable
  • take over some of the roadmap tasks
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