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What Is CobraBytes

->CobraBytes is a proof of work Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency. CobraBytes src include libzerocoin + secure hash function to send transactions world wide.

Why CobraBytes

People who run the network by mining or keeping CobraBytes in wallet are rewarded as bonus for helping CobraBytes grow. CobraBytes aim is to be widely distributed before entering of any trade market helping with adoption , community , expansion & most of all trust. You get what you give , all built into the design of the network. CobraBytes uses a form of anon tech that can help keep you private on a public ledger. CobraBytes aim is to be run on the backend by the community & promoted on the front end to the public as a payment gateway system not only for payments online but other forms such as escrow and value storage. Seperating itself from the pack with focus on adoption, mass early distribution & white label marketing. CobraBytes core dev team have gained trust and respect for honest team and will continue to live up to that, CobraBytes is not connected to any other projects and is it's own public ledger with it's own goals with different new team members joining.

CobraBytes Specs

->Proof of Stake with Proof of Work period on release

->PoW Target Blocktime 5 mins

RPC Port 44922

P2P Port 44924

->Time to Maturity 50 Confirms

->Minimum Coin Stake Age 6 hrs


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