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Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.
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Flask support for MongoDB using MongoAlchemy.


If you want to get started, check the example sourcecode out.

For full documentation, see the online docs at:


Bootstraping the development environment

If you are using a virtualenv, bootstrap your development environment by running:

$ make bootstrap

Running tests

With all dependencies installed (after bootstrap development env), just run:

$ make test


#cobrateam on chanel


Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.2

  • Pin pymongo version to ensure driver compatibility.

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.1

  • Support for specifying the full connection string, via the MONGOALCHEMY_CONNECTION_STRING configuration value.

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.7.0

  • Multiple database support (thanks Misja Hoebe)

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.6.1

  • Replica set support, via the MONGOALCHEMY_REPLICA_SET configuration value.

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.6.0

  • Use the not-so-new extension scheme for Flask, users now should import the extension using the flask.ext metapackage
  • Some fixes in the docs, regarding other extensions usage in examples

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.4

  • [bugfix] fix compatibility with pymongo 2.2

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.3

  • [bugfix] fixed a bug on

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.2

  • added a configuration flag for user authentication based either on database or server
  • [bugfix] fixed server based authentication

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5.1

  • [bugfix] fixed the subpackage structure

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.5

  • Support for multiple MongoDB sessions

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4.3

  • [bugfix] added database to MongoDB URI for authenticated connectinos

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4.2

  • Fixed pymongo dependency in

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4.1

  • MongoAlchemy 0.9 as dependency
  • [bugfix] safe session operations on connect, save and remove

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.4

  • Documentation improvements
  • Support for safe or unsafe sessions and operations

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3.3

  • Fixed dependencies on

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3.2

  • Compatibility with Flask 0.7

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3.1

  • [bugfix] method get on Query objects was never returning the object

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.3

  • Introduced update queries support

Flask-MongoAlchemy 0.2

  • Reverse compatibility broken on Document class. The get() method was moved to BaseQuery class. Here the old code, on version 0.1:

    >>> Document.get(mongo_id)

    And the new code, on version 0.2:

    >>> Document.query.get(mongo_id)
  • Added get_or_404, first_or_404 and paginate methods on BaseQuery class. Check the documentation to know how to use them :)

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