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Splinter is a Python framework that provides a simple and consistent interface for web application automation.

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Key features:

  • Easy to learn: The API is designed to be intuitive and quick to pick up.
  • Faster to code: Automate browser interactions quickly and reliably without fighting the tool.
  • Powerful: Designed for real world use cases, it guards against common automation quirks.
  • Flexible: Access to lower level tools is never hidden. Break out into raw Selenium at any time.
  • Robust: Support is available for multiple automation drivers (Selenium, Django, Flask, ZopeTestBrowser).


from splinter import Browser

browser = Browser('firefox')
browser.find_by_name('q').fill('splinter - python acceptance testing for web applications')

if browser.is_text_present(''):
    print("Yes, the official website was found!")
    print("No, it wasn't found... We need to improve our SEO techniques")


Getting Started

Pytest Plugins

Page Objects

Support for page objects is available through the following package: