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splinter - python tool for test web applications

splinter is a tool for test web applications with a simple for find elements, form actions, and others browser actions.

what's new in splinter?

first steps

splinter open source project


splinter documentation

external links

Django Full Stack Testing and BDD with Lettuce and Splinter

Splinter: Python tool for acceptance tests on web applications

Testes de aceitação com Lettuce e Splinter (pt-br)

salad, a nice mix of great BDD ingredients (splinter + lettuce integration)

behave-django, BDD testing in Django using Behave. Works well with splinter.

pytest-splinter, Splinter plugin for the py.test runner.

PyPOM, PyPOM, or Python Page Object Model, is a Python library that provides a base page object model for use with Selenium or Splinter functional tests.

pypom_form, is a PyPOM based package that provides declarative schema based form interaction for page object models compatible with Splinter.