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.. module:: splinter.driver.zopetestbrowser

To use the zope.testbrowser driver, you need to install zope.testbrowser, lxml and cssselect. You can install all of them in one step by running:

$ pip install splinter[zope.testbrowser]

Using zope.testbrowser

To use the zope.testbrowser driver, all you need to do is pass the string zope.testbrowser when you create the Browser instance:

from splinter import Browser
browser = Browser('zope.testbrowser')

By default zope.testbrowser respects any robots.txt preventing access to a lot of sites. If you want to circumvent this you can call

browser = Browser('zope.testbrowser', ignore_robots=True)

Note: if you don't provide any driver to Browser function, firefox will be used.

API docs

.. autoclass:: ZopeTestBrowser