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A web-based Student At-Risk Monitoring System for managing students, faculty, subjects, assessments, and attendance at educational institutions.

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== Welcome to SARMS

The Student At-Risk Monitoring System (SARMS) was created by Coby Chapple for SIT321 at Deakin University. It is a web-based application that allows students, faculty, and administrators to view, manage and monitor the at-risk status of students in an education system, in addition to providing a means for tracking student attendance and performance information.

== Accessing SARMS

The Student At-Risk Monitoring System (SARMS) is available from any computer with a functional internet connection. This means that you should be able to sign in to SARMS at any point, and from almost anywhere to do what you need.

The web address (URL) to access this information is:

== Sample sign in details

In order to demonstrate the functionality of the web application, a sample user account for each role has been created for you to use. Type the following details into the Sign In form to sign in as a user with the relevant priviledges.

password: student

Faculty Member
password: faculty

password: admin

== User Manual PDF

A PDF of the User Manual for SARMS can be downloaded from the following link:

== Source code repository

The full source code for SARMS is available to browse (or clone, if you use the Git version control system) from the following web address (Github):

== Credits

SARMS was created by Coby Chapple for SIT321 at Deakin University, and is licensed under a Creative Commons License. All content is copyright (c) 2011 Coby Chapple. 

The Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND) can be viewed online at the following address:
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