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/// the address of a variable or field is non-zero is likely always to bo
/// non-zero
// Target: Firehose
// Confidence: High
// Copyright: (C) 2012 Julia Lawall, INRIA/LIP6. GPLv2.
// Copyright: (C) 2012 Gilles Muller, INRIA/LiP6. GPLv2.
// URL:
// Comments:
// Options: -no_includes -include_headers
virtual org
virtual report
virtual context
virtual firehose
expression x;
statement S1,S2;
position p;
*if@p (&x)
S1 else S2
@script:python depends on org@
p << r.p;
cocci.print_main("test of a variable/field address",p)
@script:python depends on report@
p << r.p;
msg = "ERROR: test of a variable/field address"[0],msg)
@initialize:python depends on firehose@
analysis = coccilib.xml_firehose.Analysis(use_env_variables=True)
@finalize:python depends on firehose@
@script:python depends on firehose@
p << r.p;
analysis.add_result(p, "test of a variable/field address", testid="ifaddr",