This is a recreation of the popular kids' game Concentration - with a twist. This was the first project I completed for my Web Development Immersive Course at General Assembly. Created using a combination of HTML, CSS, and jQuery
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Link to GHPages live site:

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Approach Taken: I started from a place of having all images in arrays, and went from there. I created a bunch of cards, shuffled the cards, shot those to the board one by one, and compared from there.

Installation Instructions: None. Just load and play.

Unsolved Problems:

  • I wanted to add a timer to tell you how long you are taking to play the game

  • I wanted to make The Cheat carom around the board

  • I wanted to give the option to select two or three different decks

  • I need to refactor my code so it is not such a jumbled mess, but ran up against a wall with operation order

  • I also need to refactor how I'm building the board to take up less bandwidth - if I make the board and then shoot that to the DOM, it would be much more efficient than shooting 20 items to the DOM.