Project Task Manager for Dead Rabbit Society Campaigns. The Dead Rabbit Society is a veteran-run charity organization formed as a way for former service members and likeminded people to give back to their communities and make a tangible difference. This full-stack (MEAN stack) task manager is a way they can see what remains to be done with each …
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Dead Rabbit Society Project Manager README


This single page application is intended to be a project task manager for Dead Rabbit Society campaigns. The tasks are available as a JSON API.

Log In Information

Screen Shots

Landing Page - top Landing Page - bottom



User Story

The Dead Rabbit Society is a charity organization started by my brother-in-law as a grassrots way for his fellow former service members and likeminded individuals to help soldiers and veterans in need. This community needed a way to simply and quickly be able to identify tasks that need to be completed in any given mission (complete with whom is running point); need to be able to see which tasks take precedence; and need to be able to close tasks once they are done.

General Approach

My general approach to this task was to create the basic list functionality first, and then fiddle with Materialize to make everything pretty.

Hurdles & Unsolved Problems

Hurdles: Getting the list items to delete was difficult, as was ordering the list.

Unsolved Problems: My next step is to add user auth.

Technologies Used

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongodB
  • Mongoose


  • angular 1.4.9
  • body-parser 1.15.1
  • express 4.13.4
  • ejs 2.4.1
  • mongoose 4.4.19


  1. Clone the GitHub repository.

  2. Navigate to the main page of the repo and click
    ⋅⋅Clone or download

  3. Click the clipboard to copy the clone URL for the repository.

  4. Open your CLI.

  5. Cd into the location you want the cloned directory to live.

    ⋅⋅ git clone and paste the URL you have on the clipboard. Hit Enter.

  6. run 'npm install' to get your dependencies in line.

  7. To spin up the database:

    ⋅⋅ cd into the repository location ⋅⋅ run mongod ⋅⋅ open up a second tab in your Terminal and run node server.js


Users looking for support should file an issue on the [GitHub issue tracking page] ( "Git Issue Tracking Page"), or [create a pull request] ( "Create A Pull Request") if you have a fix you would like incorporated.