CLI applications and libraries for the PlasmaTrim from The Photon Factory.
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###Basic CLI applications which utilize the PlasmaTrim library
Simply run make from the root directory to compile then optionally run sudo make install.
On a Windows system compile with MinGW and GNU make. Including the ptrim-lib.h and hidapi.h will allow you to use these functions with your software, however you will need to handle all the hidapi connections.
Anyone may use this under the GPLv3 license.

Things that Need to Eventually Happen

  • Network support
    • I really want it to support some form of mDNS autodiscovery, the idea being that any application which supports this protocol will just 'find' the PlasmaTrims automatically
    • Needs better consistency and reliability on the server side
  • On the fly control of multiple units
    • Not sure how well this is working currently, time for others to test.
    • Currently this only works with non-network mode. I need to re-work how it syncs between the devices to allow it to be useful as a library function
  • Better fade timing
    • Currently this is rather rough, it seems that usleep is not all that accurate. Anyone got any ideas?
  • Windows
    • Eventually this needs to happen. The network server will probably never be ported. The library and standalone utility were written with this comparability in mind.
    • Currently ptrim.exe will compile, however the hidapi does not successfully write so the exe hangs. Compiling is with MinGW and GNU make.

The Log of Change

  • Documentation is a must - Nov 7 2012 - v0.3.1
    • Added man pages
    • Added make install
    • Added make install-zip which creates the zip to distribute including
    • Fixed really poor state of documentation (my bad, I didn't realize it was that horrible)
    • Combined all the version info into ptrim-lib.c, the header files, and the man pages.
  • Got network? - Oct 28 2012 - v0.3.0
    • Made general improvements to the portability of ptrim-lib
    • Added a network client/server set which uses AF_INET SOCKET_STREAM
    • Removed the ability to access devices by path since they are very different between platforms
  • Now with less fail - Oct 25 2012 - v0.2.1
    • Commented a lot of code
    • Split the meat and potatoes bit into its own file so it can be included by others
    • Made the stream command keep better sync of multiple devices
    • changed the folder structure up a lot
    • one Makefile in the root directory to be easier
  • And then there were two - Oct 24 2012 - v0.2.0
    • Added multithread support for Linux/Mac (still no Windows support at all)
    • Multiple devices can now be controlled at the same time, the result is the ability to use a sequence on several devices and they do not drift
    • Added the ability to call multiple devices by wrapping a set of space separated paths or serials in quotes
    • Added the ability to call all devices by using 'all' instead of a path or serial
  • It's better than before, just no one will notice - Oct 24 2012 - v0.1.1
    • Added a version string to the help output
    • Added \r to the output for eventual Windows support
    • Moved error output to standard error
    • Shortened the code by moving common things into functions
    • Running with only a serial or path now prints the devices info
    • Let fade actually control the brightness based on user input or the saved brightness (oops, my bad, though I already did that)
    • Shrank some variable sizes by meaningless amounts to make the program run unnoticeable lighter
  • The beginning - Oct 23 2012 - v0.1.0
    • Moved the project from bash. It supports all HID commands and fading to new colors.