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 - Split out the JavaScript bits of pinger into a separate .js file, and
   move the one `style=` assignment in HTML to JS. This avoids having to
   use `unsafe-inline` C-S-P.

 - Widen the maximal width to 500px. Otherwise the ping result cannot be
   shown completely.

 - Drop unnecessary `unsave-eval` C-S-P.

 - For `login_and_go("/pinger/ping")` to work, the pinger page needs to set
   `data-loaded`. This only happens at the first cockpit channel message,
   so call `cockpit.transport.wait()` to force that. Otherwise the first
   message only happens when pressing the "Ping" button.

 - Add a simple integration test to the new test/verify/check-examples.
   Over time, our other examples should be tested there as well.

Closes #8806
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"version": 0,
"tools": {
"pinger": {
"label": "Pinger",
"path": "ping.html"