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Adding a second machine

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  • Allow to add other machines in order to monitor and interact with them from the same IP and quickly switch between them.

Tentative Design

  • First step would be using OpenSLP or similar to find systems on the network, but also allow for searching or input of ip-address or hostname.

  • The behavior differs if your current machine is part of a domain already or not. If you are part of a domain (see, we make the assumption that the machine you want to add is also part of a domain.

  • In the Domain case:

  • Allows to set hostname, but default to the existing

  • Allows to select OA using autocomplete

  • In non-domain-case:

  • Tries with local username+pass and uses that for credentials

  • If that fails, pops up a login box and offers to sync user+pass

  • If authentication can not be determined, show a warning.


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