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Feature: ABRT

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Paul Robertson is employee in a small firm selling products. Being known as 'the IT guy' he became a part-time sysadmin. In the firm employees work with a lot of files. Lately they are often complaining about the ftpd service crashing when copying files. After recent lost of a rather important files when they got damaged when copying and the crash happened, Paul's no.1 priority is to solve this issue.

Charles King, a system administrator, wants to add a test server John needs for his job to their Active Directory Domain. Charles logs in to Cockpit on the build server, clicks the 'Join Domain' button, fills in required information and hits return. After a while, "Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying" error message appears. Charles tries to sort out the problem so he looks into the system logs and discovers a message about realmd crash.

Sarah Manning is a sysadmin in company developing software. They have a few servers. She likes to have everything in a perfect order so she created a apache's CGI script, that executes a lot of commands for maintaining servers. This script is called every night. Sometimes she notices in the morning, that error code 500 was returned. There is nothing relevant in apache error log.


Paul takes a look into logs and select filter "problems"(crashes?). He finds an entry for ftpd and hits button to report this problem. After reporting a FAF and Bugzilla links are returned. In the Bugzilla link he finds information about what causes the crash and also a note that a patch was submitted and in the new version this issue should be fixed. Therefore he informs his colleagues what is the causes and what not to do to prevent this happening. He keeps the report so he can check the progress of the patch.

Charles visits the filter with crashes and selects the last crash. He reviews the data presented and decides to report the problem. He also gets a FAF and Bugzilla links. In the FAF he notices that the bug was only in one version of realmd. He also checks the Bugzilla where he finds that the bug was already fixed and new version is available. Charles then updates John's box and successfully adds the box to a domain. Since the issue was fixed he deletes the report.

Sarah connects to Cockpit and looks on server on which the CGI script was run. She notices that some crash happened. Therefore she looks into "Problems" and finds crash that happened in the time when the script was supposed to be running. She notices the crashing component was 'git' and the executable was 'git gc'. She knows that this command is in the script. Sarah reports the bug. When she looks into provided links, she notices that this bug was already reported but not yet solved. She has two options, downgrade the git or comment out the 'git gc' command until this issue is fixed.

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