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Feature: Certificates

Garrett LeSage edited this page Jun 7, 2018 · 7 revisions


Cockpit currently defaults to self-signed certificates, with no obvious way to change this. The user experience, especially for first-time use, should be improved.

Problem description

Invalid (including self-signed) certificates can be worked-around in many browsers (Firefox and Chrome), but not all (Safari, including iOS). Even in the best case scenario, where it's possible to accept invalid certificates, browsers show a bunch of scary warning language and usually show odd interface choices.


Make it easy to use a valid certificate in Cockpit.


Bad certificates stop the following:

  • iPhone & iPad usage
  • Ease of use for common desktop browsers
  • Future browsers which may stop accepting invalid certificates as a workaround (Firefox and Chrome both have been tightening down TLS)
  • Good security practices




We should implement as many solutions as we can. Some of these will work in some cases (Letsencrypt for a host that's exposed to the Internet) and some will be needed for others (Cockpit UI for uploading an existing cert, for those not familiar with Linux).


  1. Better documentation
    • The website should have a quick start page, linked and/or included from the running page
    • Mentioned from within Cockpit (see point #3)
    • Mentioned (& linked?) at the Cockpit log in screen
  2. Cockpit-based UI to add certificates (letsencrypt / upload)
    • used in a browser where a self-signed cert has been accepted
    • intended for first-run (after temporarily accepting self-signed cert)
    • also used for an expiring certificate
    • could upload cert files individually or contained in a zip (or tgz)
  3. Prominent warning within Cockpit itself, with a link to fix it (using the Cockpit-based UI in #2)
  4. Automatically use a cert from a FreeIPA domain, if it applies (done)
  5. Kickstart directive for installing certs (mentioned by @sgallagh; probably has one of "the biggest effect-vs-effort ratios")

Implemented solutions

  1. Command line helper command to fix certificate issues (by running letsencrypt or installing a certificate)
  2. Cockpit Guide: HTTPS
  3. FreeIPA integration
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