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Feature: Firmware updates

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Feature: Firmware updates


  • uses database
  • A timer to check for updates on maybe a daily basis?
  • Should the updates be online or offline?
  • Rollback support (future?)?
  • Manual file upload? (weakens the carrot part of the fwupd database)

User stories

  • Robert is a sysadmin at a small company. They have a Dell Poweredge server that they use for simple file sharing and code hosting across the company. There is an firmware update available for the server BIOS.


  • Robert logs in to the system he gets notified there is a new firmware update.
  • He dives in to the details and it says it's a change that brings performance improvements.
  • It looks OK, so he hits update.
  • The new firmware gets applied.

Implementation Notes and Technical Limitations


Prior art


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