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Feature: Kubernetes: Events

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Robert is both a developer and sysadmin at the company he works at, since it's a fairly small shop. He's starting a new service that they need for their infrastructure. For some reason it doesn't start properly. He has set up a volume for it, but it doesn't start as it should.

Sarah Manning is a part-time backend developer, part-time sysadmin at her company. They are running an internal registry with images that they develop against. Sarah pulled the 'latest' tag and found it is not working. She wants to find out which developer updated this tag last


Robert is logged in, and is looking at the Kubernetes Dashboard. One pod is stuck in the pending state. He goes to the Events page and notices that there is an error that a volume claim cannot be fulfilled. It seems the pod wants a 10Gi volume. He fixes this, and the service starts working.

Sarah logs in to Cockpit and navigates to the events page. She sees that Johnny was the one that pushed the change to the latest branch. She goes and talks to him and they are able to resolve the issue that Sarah encountered. He pushes a fix for the issue and the branch works again for her.


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