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Feature: New virtual machine creation

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Phillip J Fry is a junior sysadmin. He's pretty new at the job, and kind of exaggerated his sysadmin skills at the job interview. He has a lot to learn about the job still and usually gets assigned various tasks from his manager. Today he has been asked by his boss to set up a new virtual machine on their server for running a Jenkins instance on. The OS needs to be Fedora Server 25.

Leila Wish is a software developer. She's been at her current employer for about 10 years. They are running a couple of servers for development purposes, and somehow it because Leila's job to take care of those. She wants to set up a Wordpress in one VM, but set up the database in another VM, so that they are isolated from each other. The OSes are available as ISOs and are located on a iscsi share.

Ray Arnold administer a bunch of machines for his company, mostly Linux boxes. They are running oVirt Manager on the cluster. He needs to install RHEL in a VM in order to run a FreeIPA Server.

Shu Masaaki need to install Windows Server as an Exchange server in a VM. Rather than hunt for the ISO to download again, she would like to install from the ISO she was using for testing in a VM on her laptop. In addition, the network between her laptop and the server is much faster than to the public Internet, so it's a matter of speed as well as ease of use.

Natasha Romanova needs to run a VM on a machine running in the data center. They use PXE located on another machine.


Relevant Art


Step 0: Create new VM

create new VM

Step 1: Choose wisely

step 1

Step 2: Add the ISO... somehow

Add by local ISO

step 2

Add by location (URI)

step 2

Network boot (PXE)

step 2

Import (not really create; and "it is buggy")

step 2

Step 3: RAM & CPU

step 3

Step 4: Create (or select) a disk

step 4

Step 5: Name, summary, and possibly choose a network

step 5

Expanded network

step 5

Network choices

step 5

oVirt Administration Portal


VMWare Workstation




  • Installation Source (ISO/disk image/PXE): This is a local path or URI, and it accepts uploads too

  • Name/Identifier

  • OS type and version

  • CPU (number of cores)

  • Memory size

Network selection

  • Type of networking
    • NAT (default): Virtual networks here (default, cockpit1, etc.) — doesn't work for PXE
    • Host devices
    • Bridge (?)

Storage (allocate all on/off)

  • Disk
    • Size
  • Create Disk


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