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Robert Paulson is a developer at a small IT company with 20 employees. For one reason or another, he got tossed the sysadmin hat at the company. They have 3 servers. A file server, a build server and a domain server. They have support contracts with the OS provider. The file server isn't working as expected and refuses most connections, but Robert can't figure out what's the root cause of the issue. He calls support and they ask him to get a snapshot of the system so that they can debug what software is installed and how it's configured.

Sarah Manning is a part-time sysadmin at a IT startup, spending the other half of her work as a backend developer on the company's upcoming product. One of their build servers is not behaving properly, so she'll need to call support. They ask her to generate a system snapshot so they can help her debug the issue. Sarah doesn't fully trust support (or anyone else for that matter), since they develop a competing product, so she wants to make sure that no project files slip in with the system snapshot output.


Robert generates a report log and sends it to support. Support takes a look at the report and after a while, they are able to pintpoint the issue to a firewall rule. Robert changes the Firewall configuration and things starts working properly.

Sarah generates a report log. She inspect it and makes sure that no project files are in there by accident. She then sends it in to support. Together with support, she's are able to figure out the issue with the build server.



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