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A list of broader ideas for Cockpit functionality. This list is here to inspire and track enhancements that people have submitted but nobody has actually decided to contribute (yet).

More concrete plans typically show up as feature pages or on the roadmap.

Host Groups For example, a web group that could contain all web servers? a mail group for mail servers and mailing list servers? workstations for local machines? -- @michaelwemoto -- original issue #2791

Libvirt GUI It would be really handy if Cockpit could provide monitoring for virtual machines similar to the way that it does for docker containers. Bonus points for implementing full virt-manager functionality. -- @sgallagh -- original issue #2099

Set System Keyboard Cockpit should let admins configure the keyboard layout that are used on the virtual consoles and eventually running X servers. -- @nphilipp -- original issue #640

org.freedesktop.Problems support org.freedesktop.Problems D-Bus interface [1] has been designed for management of application failures. Currently only ABRT implements this interface, however, it would be nice if cockpit could display the detected problems. The interface has not yet been standardized thus any changes needed will be immediately included and implemented in ABRT. -- @jfilak -- original issue #95

Easy way to install firmware An easy way to install firmware could be implemented using the fwupd daemon -- @andreasn -- original issue #1922

Cockpit could build and run without systemd Some people seem to want to build and use cockpit without systemd. This would help with running on RHEL 6 for instance. Lots of work here -- @stefwalter -- original issue #1583

Docker Compose Yaml Would it be feasible to implement a 'image run' feature to utilize docker compose yml to define the container parameters? Likewise, if yml is used for initial container startup, have a 'clean container restart' option that performs a docker stop, docker rm, and docker run again from same yml. yml copy/paste would be useful, but actually pulling from file would be better in my opinion. -- @jamesdboone -- [original issue #5404]

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