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New password workflow

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New Password Rules

##General case

  • If the user has filled in the password field and begins to type in the confirm password field the password input must start with the confirmation input. This will be checked at each character the user types.

##Immediate failures

  • In the case that the password field does not start with the confirmation password, the two input boxes' borders will immediately highlight red and a warning message will pop up telling the user that the inputs do not match.


  • As the user types in either input box and still obeys the rule that the password input starts with the confirmation input a timer will reset a 2 second timer. Once that 2 second timer is up a final check will be made to see if the two input boxes are identical in text. If they are not identical the same warning message and border highlighting will occur. During the 2 second timer if the user changes focus the final check will be triggered

##Empty input

  • If the confirmation input is empty and the password input is not, there will not be a warning produced. However, if the confirmation input is not empty and the password input is empty then a warning will be produced


Password field: "robot"

  • Successful confirmation fields (will trigger timer):
  • "r", "ro", "rob", "robo", "robot"
  • Unsuccessful confirmation fields (automatic failure):
  • "a", "robotics", "robt", etc
  • Successful confirmation fields that will pass final check:
  • "robot" 
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