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  • Initial targets are Domain Controller and Database Server.
  • link to web UI of Domain controller and Database Server (pending decision on which to use)
  • high level view of status. Is it up or down?
  • Some info on the dashboard and server page.
  • List of services making up the role.
  • A dialog for setting up a new role.
  • deployment stages
  • installs packages
  • sets up the right firewall rules
  • deploys service
  • creates a systemd target for all the services
  • starts the target

Previous art


Domain Controller

John is a administrator at a small company. As administration of all the machines have gotten more complex, he needs a central place to manage users, groups and host machines for the network of computers. He's not an expert in that field, so it needs to be simple to set up and come with sensible defaults.


  • John logs into Cockpit on the server he wants to make the domain controller.
  • He sets up the Domain Controller role.
  • Once he's done, he follows the link to the domain controller web UI and continues the setup.


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