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Usability test NFSclient

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  • Test item: Cockpit NFS Share
  • Method: Moderated remote usability test via Webex ~ 1 hour
  • Participants: 4 internal Red Hat IT admins (2 novices, 2 experts)
  • Moderator: Sara Chizari
  • Notes: Andreas Nilsson

Research Goal

The overarching research goal was to identify usability issues and understand participants’ expectations as well as their pain points.

Summary of the observed usability issues and their frequencies

The application looked familiar to all participants and they found the app to be visually appealing (mean=4.5 /5); with good layout and good use of space. Yet, we were able to identify the following usability/ UI problems based on our observations:

  • Even though the field box for 'Path on Server' is a drop down, it is not visible. (x4) Issue #8560
  • It is not clear how to unmount/edit the mounted folder. The checkbox is not intuitive. (x4) Issue #8561
  • The mount line/box is not clickable. (x4) Issue #8562
  • The 'Unable to unmount' dialog lacks some important information for users to make a decision. (x4) Issue #8563
  • No way to browse the domain address or to pick the mount path on the mount dialog (no directory or a dropdown menu) (x3) Issue #8564
  • The difference between unmount and trash icon was not so clear. (x3) Issue #8565
  • The content is not customizable to the user's need (lack of ability to move and hide items). (x2)
  • The field boxes for the folder path and the destination are not clearly labeled. The meaning of "Path on Server" and "Local mount point" are unclear. (x2)
  • The storage logs do not show the applied changes such as mount, edit and delete activities. (x2)
  • No information regarding the actions that need immediate attention such as warnings, alerts and updates on the main page. (x1)
  • Missing page title/breadcrumbs. (x1)
  • No scrollbar on the side of the page. (x1)
  • The line about mounted folder doesn't show if the folder is read-only. (x1)
  • The sidebar organization is a bit confusing (in case we have more than one server). (x1)

Additionally, the following statements received the lowest ratings as compared to the rest of SUS (System Usability Scale; an industry usability scale standard) questions:

  • I think that I would like to use Cockpit frequently. (2.75/ 4)
  • I would imagine that most people would be able to use Cockpit very quickly. (2.75/ 4)
  • I feel very confident using Cockpit. (2.5/ 4)

The total SUS rating with 4 participants was at the 77 percentile, which a good rating as compared to industry average.


  • Consider making the dropdown for folder paths more visible.
  • Consider enabling users to edit the mount easily with clear action icons in front of the mounted folder.
  • Or, make the mount line clickable and direct user to the edit dialog upon clicking on the line. (All subjects expected to see the action buttons right in front of the folder. They tried clicking on the folder information after not being able to see the options).
  • Or, consider changing the checkmark to an icon that is more intuitive such as pencil.
  • Consider providing some more information that would help users to decide whether they should processed or take some other actions. Information such as what other services are being run by that user and how long they have been active and if it's safe to stop and unmount would be helpful.
  • Participants also suggested they want to see "terminate session" under Account.
  • “It would be useful in Accounts that something here says that I'm in Session 4, because nothing is linking it now."
  • Consider providing the possible server addresses in a directory/dropdown field so users can browse instead of type in.
  • Consider allowing customizable layout so users can prioritize and decide what to see/hide
  • Consider adding “From” and “To” to "Path on Server" and "Local mount point" respectively.
  • Consider providing applied changes in the logs.
  • Consider adding warnings, alerts and critical updates to the main page.
  • Consider adding clear page Title or breadcrumbs to the pages.
  • Consider adding a scrollbar.
  • Consider providing mount folder information in front of the folder.
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