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Cockpit Continuous Integration and Delivery
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example sink: Add support to sink for verifying GitHub expectations May 16, 2017
images Drop unnecessary volumes May 22, 2019
learn learn: Drop dependency on cockpit/base container Mar 12, 2019
release release: Document automatic release deployment Jun 4, 2019
sink sink: Improve error for state collisions Dec 5, 2018
.gitignore learn: Add a HOME directory environment variable Oct 19, 2018
COPYING Add license Aug 21, 2015
Makefile tasks: Fix `make tasks-shell` May 16, 2019 tasks: Rename tests to tasks Nov 24, 2018
push-container push-container: Fix choosing podman / docker May 15, 2019

The Cockpit Continuous Delivery Tools

  • base: infra base image used by the other containers
  • example: A simple starter example
  • learn: Machine learning for test results
  • release: container to run releases
  • sink: log sink used by testing infrastructure
  • tasks: run cockpit bots tasks like integration tests or image rebuilds
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