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// Copyright 2018 The Cockroach Authors.
// Use of this software is governed by the Business Source License
// included in the file licenses/BSL.txt.
// As of the Change Date specified in that file, in accordance with
// the Business Source License, use of this software will be governed
// by the Apache License, Version 2.0, included in the file
// licenses/APL.txt.
package opt
import (
// ColumnID uniquely identifies the usage of a column within the scope of a
// query. ColumnID 0 is reserved to mean "unknown column". See the comment for
// Metadata for more details.
type ColumnID int32
// index returns the index of the column in Metadata.cols. It's biased by 1, so
// that ColumnID 0 can be be reserved to mean "unknown column".
func (c ColumnID) index() int {
return int(c - 1)
// ColList is a list of column ids.
// TODO(radu): perhaps implement a FastIntList with the same "small"
// representation as FastIntMap but with a slice for large cases.
type ColList []ColumnID
// ColumnMeta stores information about one of the columns stored in the
// metadata.
type ColumnMeta struct {
// MetaID is the identifier for this column that is unique within the query
// metadata.
MetaID ColumnID
// Alias is the best-effort name of this column. Since the same column in a
// query can have multiple names (using aliasing), one of those is chosen to
// be used for pretty-printing and debugging. This might be different than
// what is stored in the physical properties and is presented to end users.
Alias string
// Type is the scalar SQL type of this column.
Type *types.T
// Table is the base table to which this column belongs.
// If the column was synthesized (i.e. no base table), then it is 0.
Table TableID
// ToSet converts a column id list to a column id set.
func (cl ColList) ToSet() ColSet {
var r ColSet
for _, col := range cl {
return r
// Find searches for a column in the list and returns its index in the list (if
// successful).
func (cl ColList) Find(col ColumnID) (idx int, ok bool) {
for i := range cl {
if cl[i] == col {
return i, true
return -1, false
// Equals returns true if this column list has the same columns as the given
// column list, in the same order.
func (cl ColList) Equals(other ColList) bool {
if len(cl) != len(other) {
return false
for i := range cl {
if cl[i] != other[i] {
return false
return true
// ColSetToList converts a column id set to a list, in column id order.
func ColSetToList(set ColSet) ColList {
res := make(ColList, 0, set.Len())
set.ForEach(func(x ColumnID) {
res = append(res, x)
return res
// ColMap provides a 1:1 mapping from one column id to another. It is used by
// operators that need to match columns from its inputs.
type ColMap = util.FastIntMap
// AliasedColumn specifies the label and id of a column.
type AliasedColumn struct {
Alias string
ID ColumnID
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