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// Copyright 2017 The Cockroach Authors.
// Use of this software is governed by the Business Source License
// included in the file licenses/BSL.txt.
// As of the Change Date specified in that file, in accordance with
// the Business Source License, use of this software will be governed
// by the Apache License, Version 2.0, included in the file
// licenses/APL.txt.
package batcheval
import (
func init() {
RegisterCommand(roachpb.AddSSTable, DefaultDeclareKeys, EvalAddSSTable)
// EvalAddSSTable evaluates an AddSSTable command.
func EvalAddSSTable(
ctx context.Context, batch engine.ReadWriter, cArgs CommandArgs, _ roachpb.Response,
) (result.Result, error) {
args := cArgs.Args.(*roachpb.AddSSTableRequest)
h := cArgs.Header
ms := cArgs.Stats
mvccStartKey, mvccEndKey := engine.MVCCKey{Key: args.Key}, engine.MVCCKey{Key: args.EndKey}
// TODO(tschottdorf): restore the below in some form (gets in the way of testing).
// _, span := tracing.ChildSpan(ctx, fmt.Sprintf("AddSSTable [%s,%s)", args.Key, args.EndKey))
// defer tracing.FinishSpan(span)
log.Eventf(ctx, "evaluating AddSSTable [%s,%s)", mvccStartKey.Key, mvccEndKey.Key)
// IMPORT INTO should not proceed if any KVs from the SST shadow existing data
// entries - #38044.
var skippedKVStats enginepb.MVCCStats
var err error
if args.DisallowShadowing {
if skippedKVStats, err = checkForKeyCollisions(ctx, batch, mvccStartKey, mvccEndKey, args.Data); err != nil {
return result.Result{}, errors.Wrap(err, "checking for key collisions")
// Verify that the keys in the sstable are within the range specified by the
// request header, and if the request did not include pre-computed stats,
// compute the expected MVCC stats delta of ingesting the SST.
dataIter, err := engine.NewMemSSTIterator(args.Data, true)
if err != nil {
return result.Result{}, err
defer dataIter.Close()
// Check that the first key is in the expected range.
dataIter.Seek(engine.MVCCKey{Key: keys.MinKey})
ok, err := dataIter.Valid()
if err != nil {
return result.Result{}, err
} else if ok {
if unsafeKey := dataIter.UnsafeKey(); unsafeKey.Less(mvccStartKey) {
return result.Result{}, errors.Errorf("first key %s not in request range [%s,%s)",
unsafeKey.Key, mvccStartKey.Key, mvccEndKey.Key)
// Get the MVCCStats for the SST being ingested.
var stats enginepb.MVCCStats
if args.MVCCStats != nil {
stats = *args.MVCCStats
// Stats are computed on-the-fly when shadowing of keys is disallowed. If we
// took the fast path and race is enabled, assert the stats were correctly
// computed.
verifyFastPath := args.DisallowShadowing && util.RaceEnabled
if args.MVCCStats == nil || verifyFastPath {
log.VEventf(ctx, 2, "computing MVCCStats for SSTable [%s,%s)", mvccStartKey.Key, mvccEndKey.Key)
computed, err := engine.ComputeStatsGo(dataIter, mvccStartKey, mvccEndKey, h.Timestamp.WallTime)
if err != nil {
return result.Result{}, errors.Wrap(err, "computing SSTable MVCC stats")
if verifyFastPath {
// Update the timestamp to that of the recently computed stats to get the
// diff passing.
stats.LastUpdateNanos = computed.LastUpdateNanos
if !stats.Equal(computed) {
log.Fatalf(ctx, "fast-path MVCCStats computation gave wrong result: diff(fast, computed) = %s",
pretty.Diff(stats, computed))
stats = computed
ok, err = dataIter.Valid()
if err != nil {
return result.Result{}, err
} else if ok {
return result.Result{}, errors.Errorf("last key %s not in request range [%s,%s)",
dataIter.UnsafeKey(), mvccStartKey.Key, mvccEndKey.Key)
// The above MVCCStats represents what is in this new SST.
// *If* the keys in the SST do not conflict with keys currently in this range,
// then adding the stats for this SST to the range stats should yield the
// correct overall stats.
// *However*, if the keys in this range *do* overlap with keys already in this
// range, then adding the SST semantically *replaces*, rather than adds, those
// keys, and the net effect on the stats is not so simple.
// To perfectly compute the correct net stats, you could a) determine the
// stats for the span of the existing range that this SST covers and subtract
// it from the range's stats, then b) use a merging iterator that reads from
// the SST and then underlying range and compute the stats of that merged
// span, and then add those stats back in. That would result in correct stats
// that reflect the merging semantics when the SST "shadows" an existing key.
// If the underlying range is mostly empty, this isn't terribly expensive --
// computing the existing stats to subtract is cheap, as there is little or no
// existing data to traverse and b) is also pretty cheap -- the merging
// iterator can quickly iterate the in-memory SST.
// However, if the underlying range is _not_ empty, then this is not cheap:
// recomputing its stats involves traversing lots of data, and iterating the
// merged iterator has to constantly go back and forth to the RocksDB-backed
// (cgo) iterator.
// If we assume that most SSTs don't shadow too many keys, then the error of
// simply adding the SST stats directly to the range stats is minimal. In the
// worst-case, when we retry a whole SST, then it could be overcounting the
// entire file, but we can hope that that is rare. In the worst case, it may
// cause splitting an under-filled range that would later merge when the
// over-count is fixed.
// We can indicate that these stats contain this estimation using the flag in
// the MVCC stats so that later re-computations will not be surprised to find
// any discrepancies.
// Callers can trigger such a re-computation to fixup any discrepancies (and
// remove the ContainsEstimates flag) after they are done ingesting files by
// sending an explicit recompute.
// There is a significant performance win to be achieved by ensuring that the
// stats computed are not estimates as it prevents recompuation on splits.
// Running AddSSTable with disallowShadowing=true gets us close to this as we
// do not allow colliding keys to be ingested. However, in the situation that
// two SSTs have KV(s) which "perfectly" shadow an existing key (equal ts and
// value), we do not consider this a collision. While the KV would just
// overwrite the existing data, the stats would be added to the cumulative
// stats of the AddSSTable command, causing a double count for such KVs.
// Therfore, we compute the stats for these "skipped" KVs on-the-fly while
// checking for the collision condition in C++ and subtract them from the
// stats of the SST being ingested before adding them to the running
// cumulative for this command. These stats can then be marked as accurate.
if args.DisallowShadowing {
stats.ContainsEstimates = !args.DisallowShadowing
return result.Result{
Replicated: storagepb.ReplicatedEvalResult{
AddSSTable: &storagepb.ReplicatedEvalResult_AddSSTable{
Data: args.Data,
CRC32: util.CRC32(args.Data),
}, nil
func checkForKeyCollisions(
ctx context.Context,
batch engine.ReadWriter,
mvccStartKey engine.MVCCKey,
mvccEndKey engine.MVCCKey,
data []byte,
) (enginepb.MVCCStats, error) {
// We could get a spansetBatch so fetch the underlying rocksDBBatchEngine as
// we need access to the underlying C.DBIterator later, and the
// dbIteratorGetter is not implemented by a spansetBatch.
rocksDBEngine := spanset.GetDBEngine(batch, roachpb.Span{Key: mvccStartKey.Key, EndKey: mvccEndKey.Key})
emptyMVCCStats := enginepb.MVCCStats{}
// Create iterator over the existing data.
existingDataIter := rocksDBEngine.NewIterator(engine.IterOptions{UpperBound: mvccEndKey.Key})
defer existingDataIter.Close()
if ok, err := existingDataIter.Valid(); err != nil {
return emptyMVCCStats, errors.Wrap(err, "checking for key collisions")
} else if !ok {
// Target key range is empty, so it is safe to ingest.
return emptyMVCCStats, nil
// Create a C++ iterator over the SST being added. This iterator is used to
// perform a check for key collisions between the SST being ingested, and the
// exisiting data. As the collision check is in C++ we are unable to use a
// pure go iterator as in verifySSTable.
// TODO(adityamaru): reuse this iterator in verifySSTable.
sst := engine.MakeRocksDBSstFileReader()
defer sst.Close()
if err := sst.IngestExternalFile(data); err != nil {
return emptyMVCCStats, err
sstIterator := sst.NewIterator(engine.IterOptions{UpperBound: mvccEndKey.Key})
defer sstIterator.Close()
if ok, err := sstIterator.Valid(); err != nil || !ok {
return emptyMVCCStats, errors.Wrap(err, "checking for key collisions")
skippedKVStats, checkErr := engine.CheckForKeyCollisions(existingDataIter, sstIterator)
return skippedKVStats, checkErr
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