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// Copyright 2014 The Cockroach Authors.
// Use of this software is governed by the Business Source License
// included in the file licenses/BSL.txt.
// As of the Change Date specified in that file, in accordance with
// the Business Source License, use of this software will be governed
// by the Apache License, Version 2.0, included in the file
// licenses/APL.txt.
package batcheval
import (
func init() {
RegisterCommand(roachpb.BeginTransaction, declareKeysBeginTransaction, BeginTransaction)
// declareKeysWriteTransaction is the shared portion of
// declareKeys{Begin,End,Heartbeat}Transaction.
func declareKeysWriteTransaction(
_ *roachpb.RangeDescriptor, header roachpb.Header, req roachpb.Request, spans *spanset.SpanSet,
) {
if header.Txn != nil {
spans.Add(spanset.SpanReadWrite, roachpb.Span{
Key: keys.TransactionKey(req.Header().Key, header.Txn.ID),
func declareKeysBeginTransaction(
desc *roachpb.RangeDescriptor, header roachpb.Header, req roachpb.Request, spans *spanset.SpanSet,
) {
declareKeysWriteTransaction(desc, header, req, spans)
spans.Add(spanset.SpanReadOnly, roachpb.Span{
Key: keys.AbortSpanKey(header.RangeID, header.Txn.ID),
// BeginTransaction writes the initial transaction record. Fails in
// the event that a transaction record is already written. This may
// occur if a transaction is started with a batch containing writes
// to different ranges, and the range containing the txn record fails
// to receive the write batch before a heartbeat or txn push is
// performed first and aborts the transaction.
func BeginTransaction(
ctx context.Context, batch engine.ReadWriter, cArgs CommandArgs, resp roachpb.Response,
) (result.Result, error) {
args := cArgs.Args.(*roachpb.BeginTransactionRequest)
h := cArgs.Header
reply := resp.(*roachpb.BeginTransactionResponse)
if err := VerifyTransaction(h, args, roachpb.PENDING); err != nil {
return result.Result{}, err
key := keys.TransactionKey(h.Txn.Key, h.Txn.ID)
reply.Txn = h.Txn.Clone()
// Check whether the transaction record already exists. If it already
// exists, check its current status and react accordingly.
var existingTxn roachpb.Transaction
if ok, err := engine.MVCCGetProto(
ctx, batch, key, hlc.Timestamp{}, &existingTxn, engine.MVCCGetOptions{},
); err != nil {
return result.Result{}, err
} else if !ok {
// Verify that it is safe to create the transaction record.
if err := CanCreateTxnRecord(cArgs.EvalCtx, reply.Txn); err != nil {
return result.Result{}, err
} else {
switch existingTxn.Status {
case roachpb.ABORTED:
// Check whether someone has come in ahead and already aborted the
// txn.
return result.Result{}, roachpb.NewTransactionAbortedError(
case roachpb.PENDING:
if h.Txn.Epoch > existingTxn.Epoch {
// On a transaction retry there will be an extant txn record
// but this run should have an upgraded epoch. The extant txn
// record may have been pushed or otherwise updated, so update
// this command's txn and rewrite the record.
} else {
// Our txn record already exists. This is possible if the first
// transaction heartbeat evaluated before this BeginTransaction
// request or if the DistSender re-sent the batch. Either way,
// this request will contain no new information about the
// transaction, so treat the BeginTransaction as a no-op.
return result.Result{}, nil
case roachpb.STAGING:
// NB: we could support this case, but there isn't a reason to. No
// cluster that's performing parallel commits should still be sending
// BeginTransaction requests.
case roachpb.COMMITTED:
return result.Result{}, roachpb.NewTransactionStatusError(
fmt.Sprintf("BeginTransaction can't overwrite %s", existingTxn),
return result.Result{}, roachpb.NewTransactionStatusError(
fmt.Sprintf("bad txn state: %s", existingTxn),
// Write the txn record.
txnRecord := reply.Txn.AsRecord()
return result.Result{}, engine.MVCCPutProto(ctx, batch, cArgs.Stats, key, hlc.Timestamp{}, nil, &txnRecord)
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