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// Copyright 2017 The Cockroach Authors.
// Use of this software is governed by the Business Source License
// included in the file licenses/BSL.txt.
// As of the Change Date specified in that file, in accordance with
// the Business Source License, use of this software will be governed
// by the Apache License, Version 2.0, included in the file
// licenses/APL.txt.
package batcheval
import (
// Limiters is the collection of per-store limits used during cmd evaluation.
type Limiters struct {
BulkIOWriteRate *rate.Limiter
ConcurrentImportRequests limit.ConcurrentRequestLimiter
ConcurrentExportRequests limit.ConcurrentRequestLimiter
AddSSTableRequestRate *rate.Limiter
ConcurrentAddSSTableRequests limit.ConcurrentRequestLimiter
// concurrentRangefeedIters is a semaphore used to limit the number of
// rangefeeds in the "catch-up" state across the store. The "catch-up" state
// is a temporary state at the beginning of a rangefeed which is expensive
// because it uses an engine iterator.
ConcurrentRangefeedIters limit.ConcurrentRequestLimiter
// EvalContext is the interface through which command evaluation accesses the
// underlying state.
type EvalContext interface {
ClusterSettings() *cluster.Settings
EvalKnobs() storagebase.BatchEvalTestingKnobs
Engine() engine.Engine
Clock() *hlc.Clock
DB() *client.DB
AbortSpan() *abortspan.AbortSpan
GetTxnWaitQueue() *txnwait.Queue
GetLimiters() *Limiters
NodeID() roachpb.NodeID
StoreID() roachpb.StoreID
GetRangeID() roachpb.RangeID
GetNodeLocality() roachpb.Locality
IsFirstRange() bool
GetFirstIndex() (uint64, error)
GetTerm(uint64) (uint64, error)
GetLeaseAppliedIndex() uint64
Desc() *roachpb.RangeDescriptor
ContainsKey(key roachpb.Key) bool
// CanCreateTxnRecord determines whether a transaction record can be created
// for the provided transaction information. See Replica.CanCreateTxnRecord
// for details about its arguments, return values, and preconditions.
txnID uuid.UUID, txnKey []byte, txnMinTS hlc.Timestamp,
) (ok bool, minCommitTS hlc.Timestamp, reason roachpb.TransactionAbortedReason)
// GetMVCCStats returns a snapshot of the MVCC stats for the range.
// If called from a command that declares a read/write span on the
// entire range, the stats will be consistent with the data that is
// visible to the batch. Otherwise, it may return inconsistent
// results due to concurrent writes.
GetMVCCStats() enginepb.MVCCStats
// GetSplitQPS returns the queries/s request rate for this range.
// NOTE: This should not be used when the load based splitting cluster
// setting is disabled.
GetSplitQPS() float64
GetGCThreshold() hlc.Timestamp
GetLastReplicaGCTimestamp(context.Context) (hlc.Timestamp, error)
GetLease() (roachpb.Lease, roachpb.Lease)
GetExternalStorage(ctx context.Context, dest roachpb.ExternalStorage) (cloud.ExternalStorage, error)
GetExternalStorageFromURI(ctx context.Context, uri string) (cloud.ExternalStorage, error)
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