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// Copyright 2018 The Cockroach Authors.
// Use of this software is governed by the Business Source License
// included in the file licenses/BSL.txt.
// As of the Change Date specified in that file, in accordance with
// the Business Source License, use of this software will be governed
// by the Apache License, Version 2.0, included in the file
// licenses/APL.txt.
package storagebase
import (
// BulkAdderOptions is used to configure the behavior of a BulkAdder.
type BulkAdderOptions struct {
// Name is used in logging messages to identify this adder or the process on
// behalf of which it is adding data.
Name string
// SSTSize is the size at which an SST will be flushed and a new one started.
// SSTs are also split during a buffer flush to avoid spanning range bounds so
// they may be smaller than this limit.
SSTSize func() int64
// SplitAndScatterAfter is the number of bytes which if added without hitting
// an existing split will cause the adder to split and scatter the next span.
SplitAndScatterAfter func() int64
// MinBufferSize is the initial size of the BulkAdder buffer. It indicates the
// amount of memory we require to be able to buffer data before flushing for
// SST creation.
MinBufferSize int64
// BufferSize is the maximum size we can grow the BulkAdder buffer to.
MaxBufferSize func() int64
// StepBufferSize is the increment in which we will attempt to grow the
// BulkAdder buffer if the memory monitor permits.
StepBufferSize int64
// SkipLocalDuplicates configures handling of duplicate keys within a local
// sorted batch. When true if the same key/value pair is added more than once
// subsequent additions will be ignored instead of producing an error. If an
// attempt to add the same key has a differnet value, it is always an error.
// Once a batch is flushed – explicitly or automatically – local duplicate
// detection does not apply.
SkipDuplicates bool
// DisallowShadowing controls whether shadowing of existing keys is permitted
// when the SSTables produced by this adder are ingested.
DisallowShadowing bool
// BulkAdderFactory describes a factory function for BulkAdders.
type BulkAdderFactory func(
ctx context.Context, db *client.DB, timestamp hlc.Timestamp, opts BulkAdderOptions,
) (BulkAdder, error)
// BulkAdder describes a bulk-adding helper that can be used to add lots of KVs.
type BulkAdder interface {
// Add adds a KV pair to the adder's buffer, potentially flushing if needed.
Add(ctx context.Context, key roachpb.Key, value []byte) error
// Flush explicitly flushes anything remaining in the adder's buffer.
Flush(ctx context.Context) error
// IsEmpty returns whether or not this BulkAdder has data buffered.
IsEmpty() bool
// CurrentBufferFill returns how full the configured buffer is.
CurrentBufferFill() float32
// GetSummary returns a summary of rows/bytes/etc written by this batcher.
GetSummary() roachpb.BulkOpSummary
// Close closes the underlying buffers/writers.
Close(ctx context.Context)
// SetOnFlush sets a callback function called after flushing the buffer.
// DuplicateKeyError represents a failed attempt to ingest the same key twice
// using a BulkAdder within the same batch.
type DuplicateKeyError struct {
Key roachpb.Key
Value []byte
func (d DuplicateKeyError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("duplicate key: %s", d.Key)
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