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// Copyright 2017 The Cockroach Authors.
// Use of this software is governed by the Business Source License
// included in the file licenses/BSL.txt.
// As of the Change Date specified in that file, in accordance with
// the Business Source License, use of this software will be governed
// by the Apache License, Version 2.0, included in the file
// licenses/APL.txt.
package util
import (
// EveryN provides a way to rate limit spammy events. It tracks how recently a
// given event has occurred so that it can determine whether it's worth
// handling again.
// The zero value for EveryN is usable and is equivalent to Every(0), meaning
// that all calls to ShouldProcess will return true.
// NOTE: If you specifically care about log messages, you should use the
// version of this in the log package, as it integrates with the verbosity
// flags.
type EveryN struct {
// N is the minimum duration of time between log messages.
N time.Duration
lastProcessed time.Time
// Every is a convenience constructor for an EveryN object that allows a log
// message every n duration.
func Every(n time.Duration) EveryN {
return EveryN{N: n}
// ShouldProcess returns whether it's been more than N time since the last event.
func (e *EveryN) ShouldProcess(now time.Time) bool {
var shouldProcess bool
if now.Sub(e.lastProcessed) >= e.N {
shouldProcess = true
e.lastProcessed = now
return shouldProcess
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