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danhhz col: move types,coldata,colserde under new top-level col package
pkg/sql/exec/types -> pkg/col/coltypes
pkg/sql/exec/coldata -> pkg/col/coldata
pkg/sql/exec/colserde -> pkg/col/colserde
pkg/sql/exec/types/conv -> pkg/sql/exec/typeconv

For three reasons:
1) Make it obvious which of our packages are an independent columnar
   data library and which are tied to our sql execution (colrpc).
2) In the process, rename types to coltypes to clear up importing
3) Allow workload to blanket ban deps on anything in pkg/sql.

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Latest commit 85caac9 Aug 10, 2019
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intro.go *: Remove change date from the license headers Jun 24, 2019
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