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Please note that the roadmap is intended to provide high-level visibility into the short-term direction of the product. This can change at any time.

2.1 Product Roadmap Highlights

Below you'll find the features we plan to deliver in the 2.1 release of CockroachDB. Note this does not include the work we are doing to improve performance and stability. Those efforts can be found in our GitHub.

CockroachDB Core Roadmap

SQL Updates

Core Updates

Troubleshooting & Supportability


Web UI

Enterprise Roadmap

  • Change Data Capture (CDC) - Support pushing database changes into Kafka rather than having to run periodic/polling jobs to pull data out.
  • Distributed CSV Export - provide better visibility into how resources are being utilized so that users can plan for adequate hardware to hit their performance needs
  • Encryption at Rest - Allow users to encrypt data on a per-store basis.
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