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StylesPath = vale
MinAlertLevel = suggestion
Vocab = CockroachDB
IgnoredClasses = release-note-contributors
BasedOnStyles = Vale, CockroachDB
vale.GenderBias = YES
vale.Hedging = NO
vale.Redundancy = NO
vale.Repetition = YES
vale.Uncomparables = YES
CockroachDB.Hyperbolic = NO
CockroachDB.HeadingsCase = NO
CockroachDB.Inclusivity = YES
CockroachDB.OrderedLists = YES
# Custom block scoping (see the regex101 links for unit tests):
# Rule #1 ( Ignore `<div>`s and `<section>`s
# that specify `markdown="1"` since it isn't supported by Vale's Markdown
# parser (
BlockIgnores = (?s)(<(?:div|section)[^>]*markdown="1"[^>]*>.*?</(?:div|section)>), \
# Custom inline scoping:
# Rule #1: Ignore all Liquid tags.
TokenIgnores = (\{%.*?%\})|(\{\{.*?\}\})