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Cocoafish ActionScript 3 Library

This is a Flex wrapper for the Cocoafish REST API that can be used in your Flash and Air apps. For full documentation about the API methods that can be used through this library, see the Cocoafish REST API documentation. This has been developed and tested with Flash Builder 4.5, and is known to work on both Mac and Windows. Earlier versions of Flash Builder may not work.


The Cocoafish ActionScript 3 library is contained within the file bin/cocoafish-1.0.swc. To use it in an ActionScript/Flex project, configure it into project's build path as a referenced library. Before your app can access the Cocoafish API servers, you must:

  1. Request a Beta invitation code at
  2. Use the Beta invitation code to create an account at
  3. Register your app at to generate an app key, OAuth consumer key, and OAuth secret


Import Cocoafish along with the standard JSON parsing class:

import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON;
import com.cocoafish.api.Cocoafish;

Create an instance of Cocoafish using an app key:

var sdk:Cocoafish = new Cocoafish("<app key>");

or OAuth consumer key & secret:

var sdk:Cocoafish = new Cocoafish("<OAuth consumer key>", "<OAuth secret>");

Then send an API request with the sendRequest method:

 public function sendRequest(url:String, method:String, data:Object, useSecure:Boolean, callback:Function):void

which takes the following parameters:

  • url: the API url without the standard REST API prefix
  • method: the http method (accepted values are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • data: the parameters to be passed to the API
  • useSecure: a boolean that indicates whether to use https
  • callback: the callback function

The specified callback function will be invoked with a single parameter of type Object. This contains the results of JSON response from the Cocoafish API server, accessible by using dot "." notation to access individual fields.


  • Only the app key access method to use the Cocoafish API is currently working. We are still implementing the use of OAuth.
  • Calls to API methods dealing with users such as users/create.json and users/login.json will return a 401 Authorization Required HTTP response code when incorrect login information is given. Flash apps receiving this response code will trigger the browser to popup a login window, which is undesired. To prevent this, add the suppress_response_codes=true parameter to your requests to force the response to always be 200. The actual response code can still be read by accessing data.meta.code from your callback method.


The following is an example of creating user by using the Cocoafish AS3 library. This example will create a user with a profile photo. To send photo data, the library accepts an instance of FileReference as the photo field. The FileReference instance should be loaded with the local file information before being passed to sendRequest.

Example Source Code

private var photo:FileReference;	// FileReference instance for "photo" field of input data

var sdk:Cocoafish = new Cocoafish("tplS0cAZtDjO1QYOdiOhroMcLIJ98WJZ"); // app key
//var sdk:Cocoafish = new Cocoafish("2ywmQMDvPvDvySPjfTykUIMkPxa0zKDE", "63Y2eW7QmmUTpGmNUxrGoHzf9060od9u"); // OAuth key & secret

//the user's parameters
var data:Object = new Object(); = "";
data.first_name = "test_firstname";
data.last_name = "test_lastname";
data.password = "test_password";
data.password_confirmation = "test_password"; = photo;
sdk.sendRequest("users/create.json", URLRequestMethod.POST, data, false, function(data:Object):void {
	if(data && data.hasOwnProperty("meta")) {
		var meta:Object = data.meta;
		if(meta.status == "ok" && meta.code == 200 && meta.method_name == "createUser") {
			var message:String = "";
			var user:Object = data.response.users[0];
			message += "Create user successful!\n";
			message += "id:" + + "\n";
			message += "first name:" + user.first_name + "\n";
			message += "last name:" + user.last_name + "\n";
			message += "email:" + + "\n";;

// Browse and load photo file
protected function selectPhoto(event:MouseEvent):void {
  photo= new FileReference();
  photo.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, photoSelected);
protected function photoSelected(event:Event):void {
  photoTextField.text =;
  photo.removeEventListener(Event.SELECT, photoSelected);
  photo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, photoLoaded);
protected function photoLoaded(event:Event):void {
  photo.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, photoLoaded);

Sample Flash App

The tests/dev folder contains a sample Flash app that demonstrates how to use the Cocoafish AS3 library. To build and run it yourself, import it into Flash Builder:

  1. Select File -> Import Flash Builder Project
  2. In the wizard that pops up, select Project folder
  3. Click Browse and select the tests/dev folder in the cocoafish-as3 project code downloaded from Github
  4. Click Finish

Then build and run it:

  1. Select the cocoafish-as3-test project in the Package Explorer and click Run Main from the Flash Builder toolbar to run the sample app in your browser
  2. Enter the OAuth consumer key and secret from your registered Cocoafish app
  3. Use the demo to create users, upload photos, and more!

After doing this configuration, you'll be able to make changes and rebuild the test app.