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  • Drop support for Rails 2

  • Fix routing issues on Devise > 1.3.5 (fixes #11)

  • Convert to Bundler-style gem

  • Test using Travis


  • No changes


  • Fix a typo that was breaking all apps using create_from_identity_url.


  • Implement support for build_from_identity_url. create_from_identity_url is now deprecated.

    • build_from_identity_url should return a new, unsaved model instance rather than a persisted one.

    • This has multiple benefits: validation should become easier, and we can avoid doing multiple modification queries during the initial registration.

    • Switching over should be straightforward but is not a simple matter of changing the method's name. Its behavior needs to be altered to return an unsaved instance.

    • This affects all users of devise_openid_authenticatable.

  • Attempt to pass a more correct trust_root to the OpenID provider.

  • Fill out Dimitrij's test suite a bit more.


  • GH-3: Add support for rememberable.

    • This requires an upgrade to rack-openid 1.2.0 or higher.


  • GH-5: Don't try to convert returned values to strings from AX providers

    • This requires application developers to check whether the value is an array in openid_fields= method; see updated README for details.


  • GH-4: Support for SReg and AX extensions


  • Compatibility with Devise 1.1 and 1.1.1


  • Compatibility with pre-release versions of Devise 1.1

  • Design fix: find_by_identity_url needs to be a class method


  • Initial version, basically just a packaged-up version of my OpenID strategy for Devise