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== 0.12.4
* Support for config.param_name as lambda #102 [ajrkerr]
* Stop duplicating order_values #65 [zettabyte]
* Preserve select value (e.g. "distinct") when counting #77, #104 [tbeauvais,
== 0.12.3
* Haml 3.1 Support #96 [FlyboyArt, sonic921]
== 0.12.2
* Added MongoMapper Support #101 [hamin]
* Add first_page? and last_page? to page_scope_methods #51 [holinnn]
* Make sure that the paginate helper always returns a String #99 [Draiken]
* Don't remove includes scopes from count if they are needed #100 [flop]
== 0.12.1
* Slim template support #93 [detrain]
* Use Kaminari.config to specify default value for param_name #94 [avsej]
* Fixed "super called outside of method" error happened in particular versions
of Ruby 1.8.7 #91 [Skulli]
* _paginate.html.erb isn't rendered with custom theme #97 [danlunde]
== 0.12.0
* General configuration options #41 #62 [javierv, iain]
You can now globally override some default values such as default_per_page,
window, etc. via configuration file.
Also, here comes a generator command that generates the default
configuration file into your app's config/initilizers directory.
* Generic pagination support for Array object #47 #68 #74 [lda, ened, jianlin]
You can now paginate through any kind of Arrayish object in this way:
* Fixed a serious performance regression in 0.11.0 [ankane]
There was a critical performance issue on #count method in 0.11.0 gem.
* Bugfix: Pass the real @params to url_for #90 [utkarshkukreti]
* Fixed a gem packaging problem (circular dependency)
There was a packaging problem with Kaminari 0.11.0 that the gem depends on
Kaminari gem. Maybe Jeweler + "gemspec" method didn't work well...
== 0.11.0
This release contains several backward incompatibilities on template API.
You probably need to update your existing templates if you're already using
your own custom theme.
* Merge _current_page, _first_page_link, _last_page_link and _page_link into
one _page partial #28 [GarthSnyder]
* Add real first/last page links, and use them by default instead of outer
window #30 [GarthSnyder]
* The disabled items should simply not be emitted, even as an empty span #30
* Skip :order in #count_all so complex groups with generated columns don't
blow up in SQL-land #61 [keeran, Empact]
* Ignore :include in #count_all to make it work better with polymorphic eager
loading #80 [njakobsen]
* Quick fix on #count to return the actual number of records on AR 3.0 #45 #50
* Removed "TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD HACK" #82 [janx, flop, pda]
* Allow for Multiple Themes #64 [tmilewski]
* Themes can contain the whole application directory structure now
* Use gemspec method in Gemfile [p_elliott]
== 0.10.4
* Do not break ActiveRecord::Base.descendants, by making sure to call super
from ActiveRecord::Base.inherited #34 [rolftimmermans]
* Fixed vanishing mongoid criteria after calling page() #26 [tyok]
== 0.10.3
* Fixed a bug that total_count() didn't work when chained with group() scope
#21 [jgeiger]
* Fixed a bug that the paginate helper didn't work properly with an Ajax call
#23 [hjuskewycz]
== 0.10.2
* Added :param_name option to the pagination helper #10 [ivanvr]
= paginate @users, :param_name => :pagina
== 0.10.1
* Fixed a bug that the whole <nav> section was not rendered in some cases
== 0.10.0
* Railtie initializer name is "kaminari" from now
* Changed bundler settings to work both on 1.9.2 and 1.8.7 #12 [l15n]
* Fixed bugs encountered when running specs on Ruby 1.9.2 #12 [l15n]
* Clean up documentation (formatting and editing) #12 [l15n]
* Use instead of lambda for scoped_options #13 [l15n]
* Use AS hooks for loading AR #14 [hasimo]
* Refactor scope definition with Concerns #15 [l15n]
* Ensure output_buffer is always initialized #11 [kichiro]
== 0.9.13
* Added Mongoid support #5 [juno, hibariya]
This means, Kaminari is now *ORM agnostic* ☇3☇3☇3
== 0.9.12
* Moved the whole pagination logic to the paginator partial so that users can
touch it
Note: You need to update your _paginator.html.* if you've already customized
it. If you haven't overridden _paginator.html.* files, then probably
there're nothing you have to do.
See this commit for the example:
== 0.9.10
* the per() method accepts String, zero and minus value now #7 [koic]
This enables you to do something like this:[:page]).per(params[:per])
* Added support for Gem Testers ( #8 [joealba]
== 0.9.9
* :params option for the helper [yomukaku_memo]
You can override each link's url_for option by this option
= paginate @users, :params => {:controller => 'users', :action => 'index2'}
* refactor tags
== 0.9.8
* I18n for the partials
[:previous, :next, :truncate] are externalized to the I18n resource.
== 0.9.7
* moved template themes to another repo
== 0.9.6
* added paginates_per method for setting default per_page value for each model
in a declarative way
class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
paginates_per 10
== 0.9.5
* works on AR 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 now #4 [danillos]
== 0.9.4
* introduced module based tags
As a side effect of this internal change, I have to confess that this
version brings you a slight backward incompatibility on template API.
If you're using custom templates, be sure to update your existing templates.
To catch up the new API, you need to update %w[next_url prev_url page_url]
local variables to simple 'url' like this.
== 0.9.3
* improved template detection logic
When a template for a tag could not be found in the app/views/kaminari/
directory, it searches the tag's ancestor template files before falling back
to engine's default template. This may help keeping your custom templates DRY.
* simplified bundled template themes
== 0.9.2
* stop adding extra LF between templates when joining
* githubish template theme [maztomo]
== 0.9.1
* googlish template theme [maztomo]
== 0.9.0
* added "per_page" to the template local variables #3 [hsbt]
* show no contents when the current page is the only page (in other words,
num_pages == 1) #2 [hsbt]
== 0.8.0
* using HTML5 <nav> tag rather than <div> for the container tag
== 0.7.0
* Ajaxified paginator templates
== 0.6.0
* Hamlized paginator templates
== 0.5.0
* reset content_for :kaminari_paginator_tags before rendering #1 [hsbt]
== 0.4.0
* partialize the outer div
== 0.3.0
* suppress logging when rendering each partial
== 0.2.0
* default PER_PAGE to 25 [hsbt]
== 0.1.0
* First release