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Triangle CocoaHeads Speakers

We really appreciate you volunteering to speak at our CocoaHeads. Below are some notes and common things our speakers have run into over the last few years.


To keep our CocoaHeads available to as many people as possible, we switch between Durham, RTP, and Raleigh each month. Make sure you take note of the location for the month you are speaking as it can change.


The host should be there around 6:30pm to help setup make sure every thing is in order. If you'd like to be there early to test your presentation 6:30-6-45pm is a great time to do so.


Since we are changing the format a little to the 2 shorter talks, our timing is more important than in the past. Each session should last, at most, 30 minutes. It's okay to stretch a little for any Q&A, but still should be no longer than 45 minutes. As usual, we'll be doing the NSDrinking "after-party", so if people have more detailed questions we can direct them to asking online or over a beer.


To keep the evening moving smoothly, we like to host the whole night from one computer. This prevents us from having to waste time switching and risking to forget to record a session. As soon as you are happy with your presentation, please send the host a copy of your Keynote file so that they can merge the all the slides into one slide deck.

Some tips for making a great presentation:

  • Make sure your font sizes in Xcode and/or Keynote are at least 18pt or larger.
  • Set Xcode to Presentation style (located in preferences) before speaking if you are displaying code and ...
  • Only show Xcode if you need to run something and the code alone won't make sense in keynote.


We like to record audio and video of the presentation to release on the site. If you must use your own computer to record your presentation here are some tips to record if you don't already have your own recording solution:

  1. Launch Quicktime Player via Spotlight or from Applications
  2. Under File, choose New Screen Recording
  3. To the right of the record button choose the down facing arrow to select microphone. Choose 'Built-In Microphone'
  4. When you are ready to begin, tap the record button.
  5. Choose the screen to record by selecting the screen to record.
  6. Possibly the most important, END the recording before closing your laptop or changing display settings. We've seen some occasions where sleeping the laptop before ending the video caused it to crash Quicktime. You can just save it to your desktop temporarily in these situtions and it will be stiched together for the recording.


Thank You!